How To Seduce a Very Shy Girl

seduce a shy girlOooooooooooh! Isn’t this cute!

Being shy, whether you’re a man or a woman, can be a real obstacle in social life and does not help in the seduction process.

However, shy girls tend to be less demanding than others, and when they get out of their shyness they will make you spend unforgettable time with them, so the big thing would be to make them feel comfortable and that may take a lot of time.

So if you’re not the patient type I would strongly advise you not to try being with people who have such psychological profiles because you may end up being bored…

You will bare self-confidence, and you shall be inoffensive.

Needless to remind you that shy girls can be one hundred times more sensitive than someone “normal” because of all the insecure feelings that she may have regarding her place in society, so all these things will make her feel very uncomfortable in public places.  You may spot a shy girl:

They tend to have very strong body language and you may see that in “Lie to Me” ‘s main character: her face gets red spontaneously as soon as you talk to her, her hands sweat as soon as she has social interactions with others, especially when she’s with “unknown strangers”, and she’s a little distant, making very little eye contact….

All this are clear signs that can easily lead you, so you don’t need to act like indomitable lions and to bring out all the seduction techniques that you learned in alphabetical order, as you need to take it easy and use a step by step approach, as you will need to be REASSURING in making your first impression!

By respecting her comfort zone (don’t try to stick to her too much) your tone of voice should be adequate and if possible comforting, which can help you.

You shall respect graduation

We are not asking you to play the role of her father (although a few comforting words may help) but only to put her in good conditions so that she opens up to you (if you have a vicious spirit, you may step a side). You should look like a pearl that hibernated for a long time in an oyster that you should subtly break, by asking her implicitly what situations she feels most comfortable in…

For any information that may help you with your future dates if you make it to get a first date, you should avoid being too loud in front of other people or in public. That is a self-destructing tendency for your work, without any emotional implication, that will destroy your work, so be careful not to be clumsy…

Once she opens up (thanks to you) you should take advantage of the situation to mark this opportunity (yes, it’s some kind of therapy where you have to be the shrinks, so you can help her open up the doors, that until then were closed) and her personal story, you will then, in her spirit, always be comfortable, with good feelings and good sensations…

Don’t a skip any steps and take your time… this relationship is very complicated so if you skip any steps don’t come complain to me later on ;)

What you should remember

A shy girl remains a girl! She may have some specific characteristics that will be specific to her, and that has advantages and disadvantages, but that will enable you to improve your personal experience. Don’t mix a girl who has lots of problems with a shy girl, as those are very different. Don’t be to rough with her and don’t act like a loving dad, you should be somewhere in the middle.

Have you ever seduced a shy girl?

Tell us about the last time you seduced a shy girl, and how it all went. Did you use any special techniques? Share everything with us!

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