How To Seduce a Very Shy Girl

seduce a shy girlOooooooooooh! Isn’t this cute!

Being shy, whether you’re a man or a woman, can be a real obstacle in social life and does not help in the seduction process.

However, shy girls tend to be less demanding than others, and when they get out of their shyness they will make you spend unforgettable time with them, so the big thing would be to make them feel comfortable and that may take a lot of time.

So if you’re not the patient type I would strongly advise you not to try being with people who have such psychological profiles because you may end up being bored…

You will bare self-confidence, and you shall be inoffensive.

Needless to remind you that shy girls can be one hundred times more sensitive than someone “normal” because of all the insecure feelings that she may have regarding her place in society, so all these things will make her feel very uncomfortable in public places.  You may spot a shy girl:

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