My Little Secret For Building a Strong Self-Confidence

confidenceLife is a mixture of highs and lows that can happen at any moment.

This happened to me recently. In moments where everything seems to be going the wrong way, some will even start screaming and will call their condition “sadness”, as feelings invade us, we feel vulnerable, and when we hear remarks that may not seem important, or someone who has a weird sense of humor, we start doubting our ambitions: we doubt our strength and we give our strength doubt.

At that very same moment, our self confidence goes back to zero. This has very bad consequences.

We thought that once we read those articles, applied that advice, applied these good approaches… we could be proud of this personality vigor, but the truth is that only if we apply this self-improvement can we stop feeling lost, and see what we’ve accomplished and what we haven’t accomplished yet.

Self-confidence after “failure”

Sometimes a sad things does not happen just like that, and you have a succession of bitter experiences: you fail your job interview, you get stood up at that date… and then you tell yourself that life is too hard and unfair, because everything you’re trying to build is failing, especially if that’s the reaction you have regarding the events you have to cope with.

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