Meet Kamal

Kamal Jahid BLOGKamal is a passionate guy with a wide range of interests. He’s made – and is making – his mark in a variety of ways. Here are some facts to help you get to know him better.

Kamal is…

…a citizen of the world. He was born in Morocco, but his wandering spirit has led him to find homes and adventures in France, Germany, and, currently, Poland.

…multilingual. Kamal speaks Moroccan, classical Arabic, French, English, a little Polish, and a little German. He also speaks the language of romance. More on that later.

…the kind of guy you can go out to the hottest clubs with at night, wearing your most stylish clothes, then meet up with to go get something healthy to eat the next morning. His hobbies include photography, football, flamenco, and juicing.

…a man with a mission: To empower women and men with confidence, courage and passion…and push them to achieve the impossible.

…a dating coach. He believes everyone deserves to find that special someone – and that they can, if they know how. You can check out his advice on this blog or, feel free to contact him to see what he can do to help you find true romance.

….a writer. Kamal was voted Best Blogger by Moroccan Internet users in 2010 and 2011, and he’s continued to inform and inspire readers around the world with his blog. He also founded the successful site, which he continues to be a part of today. It’s a resource for anyone looking for men’s style tips – or even to finally figure out what their own style might be.

…Founder and Creative Director of Glamorous Pochette. In 2013, Kamal took his passion for men’s fashion and looking and feeling good to a new level. Glamorous Pochette offers unique, high-quality pocket squares that will catch eyes and spark conversations wherever their wearers go.

…CEO and Co-founder of, Eastern Europe’s premier nightlife booking site, featuring the classiest, hottest clubs in Krakow and Warsaw. If you’re headed to one of these locales and are looking for a great way to spend a couple of nights, this is the site for you. With his appreciation of style, romance, and having fun, you can trust Kamal to show you a fantastic time in two cities he loves.

…a model. Kamal doesn’t just love men’s fashion, he celebrates it. You can see some of his modeling work on the Glamorous Pochette website.

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