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Dear Friend,

Do You Think It’s Possible To Learn And Master The Habits Of Attractive And Successful Men?

The answer is a very simple, and unequivocal, YES.

Anyone who tells you that people can only be born attractive is dead wrong!

The traits that are central to attractive and successful men are completely learnable.

So… Why hasn’t it happened for you yet?

There are those men that bring positive energy, success, and a good vibe to everything they do, and those men who lack this vibe.

This world is made up of masters and duds.

We want to be masters of the universe. But how?

My promise to you is this: In this short letter, not only will I show you that attractive traits can be trained, but I will introduce you to a method for learning the secrets of attractive men, that has helped hundreds of men leverage these domains to become drastically more successful and attractive versions of themselves.

Let me tell you a quick story…

I wanted to crawl under the table and hide.

I was 16, nervous, sitting in a café, and feeling as though some animal was crawling its way through my stomach. I was angry, disgusted…but motivated.


I hate to admit this – I was simply watching a guy talking with two very beautiful girls on the other side of the café. He was very well dressed.

Granted he was a bit older.

He had clearly just come back from work. And he had his pick of these two pretty girls. The way he moved, spoke, comfortably scanned the room, and smiled, gave him this aura of success that I wanted badly.

You see, I was confused… I was always pleasant and nice to girls… I thought that just being a nice, handsome guy was enough.

The problem was that I thought that some guys just had some “magic” and others didn’t. I had not yet realized that you could build attraction, excellence and success through dedication.

Then he did something that changed my life. He smiled, looked up at the waitress, and in a strong, but gentle voice, said “Let’s have one more coffee over here.”

Yes, it was just a simple little sentence… the kind we hear every day. But the way he did it. It was just smooth. No questions. No turning around and waiting for the waitress.

He just made eye contact and made a demand. But he did it with a smile. He was sitting up straight. He was the best dressed in the café— which demanded attention. The waitress smiled, giggled and obeyed. The girls giggled more.

It made sense.

This was not some magic.

It was about a specific way of doing things.

He had taken specific steps. He had succeeded. I realized I could take those steps too…

So I went out into the world and took some baby steps…

First, I tried being a little more confident and direct in my speech… It didn’t really work because it wasn’t congruent with the rest of my behavior.

Then I tried improving my eye contact with girls I walked by or was talking too… and this worked a bit better, and I was able to forge better connections with them more quickly.

Finally, when I started experimenting with the elements of style and personal presentation, I really started seeing results. Style, combined with confidence really changed the way people viewed me.

It struck me that my whole life I was fighting a losing battle. Nobody teaches the secrets of attractive men. As kids we are taught to listen to directions, be quiet, and do our work. I was frustrated because no one had ever truly taught me the specific steps that can be taken to build an attractive personality.

My whole life, people thought they were teaching me to be a polite kid, but they were actually holding me back.

Once I realized this… things started changing fast… I worked hard at identifying the things that successful guys were doing, and started implementing them in my own life. My confidence in business was off the charts, and women that previously saw me as a little brother or friend, started taking a romantic interest in me. The changes I was making in my life had ripple effects at every turn.

I took careful notes over the years, and when I started as a dating and life coach, I made sure to give them the concrete steps that helped me, and push them towards realizing their personal goals.

Here’s the crazy thing: it worked, and it worked fast.

I know this because I have watched 100s of men focus on the secrets of attraction, and completely transform them.

The truth is this: with focus and effort, you can stand out as a man of class, superior style, and separate yourself from the boring masses of guys that pay no attention to style, posture, and overall excellence.

And that is why I wrote The 9 Secrets of Highly Attractive Men.

It is a very special book for me, and something that I cannot wait to share with you.

I have identified the features of attractive men, and have given you specific exercised to help transform you into the kind of gentleman that attracts the respect of men, and the love and admiration of hordes of women.

Believe it or not, you can start seeing results fast.

It is no secret that becoming the optimal version of you will take some serious time and commitment. But the truth is that much of what I will tell you in this book can be implemented today.

What does that mean?

It means that there are changes you can make today that can begin to transform the image you project to the world. Habits take time to form, but I guarantee that you will begin to see changes from the very beginning.

I could give you hundreds of examples from my own life, of men I have seen make considerable changes even in the course of a single day that I spend coaching them, that have allowed them to boost their confidence and become more attractive.

This stuff is not rocket science. I really, really value simplicity.

I like to write with simplicity.

But I also like to be specific, and explain why, not just how.

To explain the 9 habits I use a combination of stories, scientific research, lessons from history, and calls to action.

My favorite feeling in the world is reading something that makes so much sense to me, it feels like I had known it all along, but just did not know how to put words to it.

I think you will have this feeling reading my book. I want to open your eyes to ideas that are founded in pure logic, but that may have escaped you. You will find the simple lessons in the book refreshing, and life-changing.

I want to give you simple lessons that you can start using day one.

When you start implementing the secrets that I have identified, you will be joining hundreds of my clients on the path to excellence.

Ok… So a bit about me shall we?

In May 2015, Kamal made it to the cover of Businessman Today Magazine. Warsaw, Poland.

I am now very proud to have a accumulated a decade of experience as a life- and dating-coach on several continents, and dozens of countries, working with clients ranging in age from 14 to 83, working with everyone from famous politicians and business leaders, to unemployed people looking for a fresh-start.

I feel EXTREMELY fortunate to have developed a loyal following through my writing. I am proud to have been Best Blogger by Moroccan Internet users two years in a row (2010 and 2011).

I feel lucky to have started a major men’s fashion line—Glamorous Pochette— and have greatly benefited from meeting some of the brightest stars in the fashion industry along the way. I was recently honored for my contributions to the business community in Warsaw, with cover shot on Businessman Today, a major journal covering corporate and entrepreneurial life in Warsaw.

Each time I see a success story, I am reminded of the importance of this approach.

I felt it when I got the message from a 51-year-old CEO who was in complete despair after a damaging divorce.

He said that thanks to my help, and to focusing on the 9 habits, he was able to redevelop the confidence to start talking with and dating beautiful women, and take control of his social and business life.

I knew that all my hard work was worth it.

I felt it again when I got the message from the 19 year old kid, who was bullied all through school—who even broke down in tears during our first meeting—who used my 9 habits in order to communicate a new confident image when he arrived at university, and then became class president, and shared the company of many beautiful women during his first year.

I knew that my hard work was worth it.

The stories are innumerable.

They are stories of my friends, clients, and even some people very close to me.

It is normal to want to improve yourself. I am just giving you an easy blueprint explaining how it is done.

So… what will you learn in the 9 Habits of Highly Attractive Men?

  • 9 SecretsHow to carry yourself with posture that projects confidence and strength, and the importance of posture to your personal well-being.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of boring conversation so you can become a sought after conversation partner.
  • How to construct and tell a good story so you can win the admiration of men and women around you.
  • How to build a wardrobe that will stand out so you can build confidence in your style.
  • The importance of setting goals, and how you can commit to projects that you identify as important. This includes a method used by top politicians for goal setting and completing goals.
  • I will give you a full description of Kamal’s List of 20 Items that every attractive must have in his wardrobe.
  • Specific exercises on how to improve your mastery of each of the 9 nine habits.
  • I will give you lessons from history and refer to some of the great men of history can inspire you to become a better version of yourself.
  • How to attract and keep an audience when you are speaking with other people.
  • Do you know the two items that most women look at first when they are seeing how you dress? I do. And you can, too.
  • How to overcome challenges with poise and grace, like a master of the universe.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of how to maintain the physical fitness required to be a successful man of the world.
  • How to develop the kind of social capital so you can become a local celebrity in your community, in easy steps.
  • How to explore the world in a way that will make you a more attractive, and interesting person. Learn key tips to help you travel, in style.
  • You will learn about the kinds of ongoing projects that every serious man should have in his life at any given time, in order to command the respect of his peers.
  • Any easy method for practicing improved confidence that anyone can do, at any time and any place.
  • You will develop an appreciation for the value of confidence (and how to distinguish confidence and arrogance).
  • And much, much, much more.



The original price for this book was 77.95 dollars.

That was because I have poured 1000s of hours into this book. In addition to the time I have spent coaching men to perfect the habits and qualities that differentiate boring, average men from those men that attract admiration and attention, I have also done serious research.

In other words, I have not only gained experienced in the field, but:

  1. I have conducted hundreds of interviews with very honest women about the features they look for in men.
  2. I have asked managers responsible for hiring at major companies the features they look for in hiring young men.
  3. I have spoken with dozens of respected psychologists about habits that are shared by successful people.

Then I went to the history books.

I read the stories of the lives of great men, and made notes about what made them special. What helped them stand out? What helped them overcome diversity? What tendencies and habits made them attractive to the people who followed them?

The lessons I have uncovered are the ones that I now teach all of my clients.

Focusing on these 9 habits, I have helped hundreds of men become masters of their own universe, and transform themselves into far more attractive, versions of themselves.

But I am offering it right now for $37.85 instead of $77.95

What’s more, I’m going out on a limb and giving you the Kamal guarantee.

I want you to be satisfied. If you’re not—you’ve got your money back now.

That means… you get 60 days to try the book, do the exercises, and apply the 9 habits. If it doesn’t work for you — shoot me an email and I will refund you the full amount you payed. No question asked. Really.

And guess what? You get to keep the book with you. That’s fine with me and I’m not gonna ask you to delete it (who are we kidding?)

But keep in mind that within weeks, the book will return to its original price.

I really want you to join the elite group of men that have used my system to completely transform their lives.

What makes this book one-of-a-kind?

  • Thanks to my experience as a life-coach and dating-coach, I have included a unique blend of advice drawing from personal experiences, the experiences of my clients, history, psychology, and interviews with top people in the fashion and life-coaching industries. I have distilled down the very best of the best advice, and presented it to you in a very simple way. Simple steps.
  • At the end of every chapter, I have given you missions. These are concrete steps you can take to start improving your mastery of each of the 9 secrets, the very day you buy the book.
  • I am about stories. Most of the advice I give is presented with a story to go along with it, so that you remember it. What good is learning something if it doesn’t stick in your head? What I have done attached the lessons to stories that will stick with you forever.
  • This is the kind of book you keep going back to. This is not a book you will read once. It is a resource and reminder that you will keep nearby as you work towards your goals. It is an investment in your future.

Enough Said. Let The Fun Begins. Start Your Journey Today. Get Your Copy NOW:

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With Love and Gratitude for your Loyalty,



I am confident you will love this book. I wrote it for a younger version of myself. I wrote it for the young men in my family. I wrote it for my friends. I have written it for you.

And remember. This a book release deal, and the product will not be available at this price again. Moreover, you are covered with my 60-days guarantee. If you don’t like the book. Shoot me an email. I’ll refund you.



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