SeductionByKamal.com helps men and women to progress, and build a Lifestyle…

We share tips about seduction, self-development, and communication. Our goal is NOT to transform guys in serial ladies’ men, or women into weird seduction creatures… Our first goal is to help our readers discover themselves, while learning how to seduce, and communicate, therefore, developing themselves.

Who is Kamal?


Young author and big fan of social dynamics, Kamal coached over a hundred men, and has written over 500 articles about seduction and self-development in his blog which was created in September 2007.

He has published a book by Albin Michel Publisher, in French : La Séduction Mode D’emploi Pour Elle) and several e-books. Kamal currently lives in Berlin, in Germany where he enjoys his two big passions : writing and coaching.

Kamal also runes conferences and seminars about leadership, communication and self-development.

In January 2010, Kamal was awarded as the Blogger of the Year at the MBA awards. One year later, SeductionByKamal.com was awarded as the Blog of the Year in the ‘Lifestyle’ category.

With him in the SbK team are:

Why Seduction By Kamal?

Though the word ‘seduction’ may catch your attention at first, we don’t focus exclusively on the art of seduction. We approach this ‘art’ with a very different approach from other websites, and we base our work on personal development, happiness, and most importantly, Lifestyle.

To be socially and sentimentally happy is the optimal strategy, but most importantly, the most effective method in order to reach our goals in life. SeductionByKamal.com helps its readers build a social life full of happiness and entrainment, in order to help men and women realize their dreams, along with their partners, of their . . . Dreams.

How to navigate on SeductionByKamal.com/en ?

If you’ve just discovered our blog, we invite you to read our first and important article : Welcome to SBK, or getting started in the seduction galaxy.

And, in order to be more familiar with categories, you will have:

Seduction Skills >>

We put in here ‘technical articles’. This category has posts more about tips, techniques and social skills.

The category is divided in 5 sub-categories:

  • Approaching a girl. Articles essentially based on how to approach women that you don’t know in the street, at school, in clubs, bars etc…
  • Seducing over the phone. After having approached a girl, once you have her phone number etc… you should call her to invite her to go out. We will show how to do that !
  • First and second date. Once you get a date (we believe you’re happy) you shouldn’t mess up the date with your sweetheart. We help you to master the game !
  • Seducing on the Internet. A category designed to teach you how to hit on girls on the internet (Facebook, MSN, dating sites etc.)

Personal development >>

The second big category on SBK. This is where articles related to personal development are grouped. We also talk about communication which is as important as self-development.

Look & LifeStyle >>

Several tips on men’s lifestyle, physical appearance and looks in general. How to dressed up, how to choose a suit for men, how to shave, and several other articles about style.

Relationships and Love  >>

Articles for lovers. How to manage couple life, how to overcome love sickness, how to break up etc.

Special for women >>

On SBK, we don’t choose one clan. We offer tips for both genders. How to seduce a man, how to keep a man  undrer your spell, and several other topics related to seducing men.

Download your free copy of our Ebook

We are glad yo offer you a free copy of our new ebook :

Love, Seduction and relationships.

It’s a free ebook where we talk about the real value of seduction. We also share a story of Bob and Sarah, on how they manage (or not) to succeed in there relationship.

For more details, and download link, Click here >>>

Let’s keep in touch

We like exchanging with our readers, and keeping in touch with them. It would be our pleasure to see you on our facebook page, or to follow us on Kamal’s official Twitter.

We wish you a happy stay in SBK, and we hope that you will like us. Contact us if you have a question or an interesting offer to give us.

To your success!

The SbK team.

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