Welcome to SbK, or How to Get Started in the Galaxy of Seduction

Let me guess why you’re here…

You’re a pretty decent guy, cultivated, educated, you dress fairly well, your friends say you’re caring and kind, you’re relatively charming and YET… You don’t understand why things aren’t working with women they way you’d like.

Read this carefully….

Problem #1

You don’t understand why your best friend, who’s really cute, dates an asshole and is totally in love with him. You don’t understand why your relationship with this new girl began well enough but now she’s not returning your calls, or your texts, and when you get her on the phone she tells you she’s been busy.

Problem #2

You still don’t understand what went wrong on your first date with her, since it seemed to go fairly well, you brought your A-game, you called her before the date to check if she was still coming, you reminded her from time to time how happy you were to see her and to go on a date with her, and you sent her a reassuring little text message telling her to get home safely.


You don’t understand her attitude, which you find utterly strange and quite simply incomprehensible.

AND YET… You paid for dinner at a nice restaurant !

Problem #3

You’re here, with us, because you’re sick of always ending up as every “girl’s favorite friend.” There’s one girl you’ve tried to seduce with your kindness and your big heart, and EVERYTHING has gone well between you :

You get along wonderfully, just the way an ideal couple is supposed to, but something happened when you decided to take the next step.

Your sweet adorable princess thought it was a better idea to just continue being friends, and she doesn’t want — absolutely doesn’t want — to lose you, because you’re so close to her, and she can tell you everything, absolutely EVERYTHING!

“You know, I really like you… I don’t want to ruin the beautiful friendship between us, I don’t want to lose you… I’d rather stay friends!”

Does this sentence ring a bell? Do you know what it REALLY means? Do you want to know? Okay… but not right now…

Problem #4

Furthermore, you think women are strange and incomprehensible creatures, and that you have to be a good looking guy with a great build and tons of money before you can finally date really beautiful girls, who you think are more and more materialistic and more and more obsessed with the power of money… Come on… I can reassure you that I think the same thing, but that same thing is FALSE my friend, and in fact, what I meant to say is that I THOUGHT the same thing… and to reassure you again, it’s an image our society creates: materialistic and arrogant girls who are only looking for ultra-wealthy guys…


The facts you’re about to discover on SeductionByKamal.com/en will prove the contrary to you, and all you need to do is to be patient and pay attention. Let’s continue…

Problem #5

Furthermore, EVERY day you run into hundreds of pretty girls who make your head spin and you give yourself a flattering little pat on the back, they’re so beautiful and magnificent that you can’t take your eyes off of them, and there are even some who glance at you for just a second:

You play a little game where you exchange glances, then it’s already over, you WANT to go talk to her, but you don’t know what to say or what to talk about, you think she’s going to reject and humiliate you, because, apparently, girls like that must already have their super-rich boyfriends, right?

Once again…


On SeductionByKamal.com/En, you will NEVER AGAIN hear that little voice end at the end of the day telling you: “Oh if only I went up to talk to her, I should have said this, and that, and this might have worked, it’s alright that’s what I’ll do next time.”

The bad news is that there’s never going to be a next time, but the good news is that, from now on, you’ll learn how to meet the girls that YOU want, that YOU desire, that YOU choose… You’ll know exactly what to say to get their phone numbers, or better yet, to get a date right on the spot!

It’s really easy, you’ll see…

Problem #6

Finally, if you don’t understand the behavior of your adorable girlfriend, you no longer understand her emotional crises and her endless bullshit, you no longer understand why she raises her voice and talks in a more and more aggressive tone, you no longer understand why she gets all MADE UP, but never to go out with YOU, and goes out with her FRIENDS instead, and you no longer understand why she tells you that it’s just a girls’ night out.

Two months ago she wouldn’t leave you alone, she constantly criticized your friends when you spent time with them, when you had your guys’ night out and your evenings of PlayStation with the boys… But your sweet little friend has changed… Do you want to know why?


Let me set things straight right now!

Seduction is an art form, with its own rules and its own goals. Today, learning to be seductive is an crucial element in good manners. So allow me, then, to eliminate the little pests that are making your life miserable.

Here’s one!!!

Oh yeah…

Solution #1

You’re caring and thoughtful, you make a point of caring about girls you barely know and it’s… IDIOTIC! Why should you care about girls when you don’t even know them, why are you doing favors for them when you don’t even know who they are!

Why do you want to pay for them when you don’t even know who they are…


Because it will make you seem caring and attentive? Take it from me… that’s not the way it works… You just look like an ass-kisser, like a little dog who doesn’t know what’s going on, who always misses the point, TOO MUCH KINDNESS KILLS! Being too caring reflects, psychologically, a lack of confidence, it reflects a mediocre and horrible personality. A person who hides behind kindness, is an ABNORMALLY built person, and girls hate guys who are too nice, guys who are ass-kissers.

All women dream of a confident and effective man, who’s capable of protecting and reassuring them, a VIRILE and dominant man. Frankly, a guy who’s too nice, would he be able to protect a woman? Actually she’s the one who’ll wind up protecting him… and that’s something girls DO NOT want.

THEREFORE… first fact… Stop being TOO nice to girls, place your right hand over your heart and repeat after me:

“From now on, I am a loyal reader of SeductionByKamal.com/En, and I swear not to be TOO nice to girls, because it’s neither seductive nor exciting, I’m going to stop being TOO nice.”


Good. Now that you’ve accepted the first condition of our Club SeductionByKamal©, let me tell you something else.

Solution #2

When a girl would rather stay friends with you, well now my dear friend, she’s laughing in your face… flat out!

Yes, it’s the truth, and here’s why!

Because you’re nice, because you call her all the time on the phone, because you frequently send her romantic text messages that you read on the internet, or that you saw on television. Because you ALWAYS pay. Because you take her out to a restaurant on the first date. Because you give her gifts. Because you pay her compliments all the time. Because you buy her chocolates. Because you give her EVERYTHING… which she finds predictable and NOT exciting, she already knows everything to expect from you, you’re transparent, she can see EVERYTHING. She’ll never think, even for a second, that the right man for her will be a kiss-ass who tries to buy her love with gifts and restaurants.

What I’m about to tell you may be upsetting, but it’s what I’ve discovered through all these years of research on the art of seduction.

A girl who would rather stay friends, is an egotistical bitch who doesn’t want to deprive herself of the happiness you bring her, but the problem is that she finds you UNATTRACTIVE, completely and utterly! For her, you’re nothing but a little pet she can manipulate with no problems, when she wants and when she chooses. Remaining her friend means remaining her pet. You probably guessed as much yourself, am I right? Oh that’s cool then, you’re already starting to get the hang of things.

So YES, NEVER again accept the disguised friendship of a girl you tried to seduce, we don’t spend time with people who don’t like us… place your left hand over your heart, and repeat after me:

“Any girl who asks me to remain her friend, I’ll tell her to get lost, I’m not a pet! There are millions and millions of other girls who’ll be happy to be with me.”


Solution #3

Our society creates a false image of women.

In fact, we think they’re ALL, without exception, materialistic creatures hungry for money; and that’s completely wrong! Women, like all human beings, are looking for comfort and well-being, they’re trying to be around people who are intelligent and pleasant to live with, people who are confident!

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

Men with money, who have fancy cars and so forth… are confident people, they have CONFIDENCE in themselves… They exude confidence and self-assurance! And it’s contagious !! It’s visible and people can sense it, especially women.

Take my cousin Zack.

Zack has a beautiful red car, which makes him a star where he lives, whenever he passes by, people recognize him. Suddenly, he’s aware that people know who he is, so he doesn’t need to show people his real personality, he feels more and more confident. His car offers him pleasure mixed with confidence and assurance. It’s a question of psychology, guys.

Robert Cialdini, in his book The Psychology of Persuasion, called this the principle of “social proof,” we’ll have a chance to come back to this subject to pursue it a little further.

Therefore, thanks to social proof, we automatically assume wealthy people have qualities like talent, goodness, honesty, and intelligence. This judgment we’re forming is made unconsciously! That’s what makes them the most desired and desirable people!

And in the final score, you judge women to be materialistic, you think that they’re inaccessible and unattainable, you wind up putting them on a pedestal and you think they’re actually princesses. NOT ANY MORE!!!

Place your right hand over your heart and repeat after me:

“Never again will I consider women to be materialistic, and never again will I put them on a pedestal.”

Now close your eyes with me, and say out loud:

I have confidence in myself, I’m not afraid to show my real personality to people, to WOMEN, I have confidence in myself, and I ALWAYS will have it, for the rest of my life.”


Solution #4

Now, let’s take a look at these girls you come across in the street, in cafes, in bars, in college, at work, everywhere.

Throughout your journey on SeductionByKamal.com/en, you’ll learn how to master the art of opening conversations with women without being overbearing or clingy like all the other Saturday-night-Losers and scammers.

Together we’ll look at the proper techniques to make you into a pick-up and seduction artist, but let me warn you right away…

If you don’t practice them, you’ll never become a seduction artist, you’ll never have the talent and subtlety to talk to women…

Solution #5

Finally, if you’re in a relationship, and things aren’t going the way they used to with your girlfriend…


WITHOUT the least hesitation, without the slightest explanation.

Ignore her attempts to get you back, it will teach her a lesson for next time. Women are not like us men, as soon as they hear alarm bells, they start looking left and right for a new companion, but meanwhile we men desperately look for solutions to save our relationship.

Did you notice the difference?? Then learn to leave her properly, and, above all, honestly!

When your sweetheart starts messing around and telling you lies, it’s easier to overcome your broken heart at the beginning of a relationship than at the end. Read that last sentence again and memorize it WELL in your head. Let me remind you again, do not be TOO nice, and be virile, be a MAN, a real one…

The category containing ALL the articles about couples, is right here >>

Solution #6

There you are, my friend. We’ve arrived at the end of this presentation, at the end of the philosophy of SeductionByKamal© which from now on will travel with you down the path to your new life, your new life as a seduction artist ;)

From now on, the ball is in your court. But careful, I’m not asking you to change your personality, but instead, I’m inviting you to sculpt it. Seduction works through personal development, and working on your inner self, that’s YOUR key to success.

I wish you a happy journey on SeductionByKamal.com, and I warmly invite you to sign up for free on the site, to receive my personalized advice. You can also download my free eBook right HERE >>

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  1. Hello kamal
    My congratulations to The Translation of this wonderful blog.
    Are you a fan of the American seduction community The Pick Up Artist?

    Or teach you another way to seduce?


  2. I think its true that women aren’t necessarily materialistic they are just attracted to those type of guys because they come off as on top of things. They project a air of confidence that is almost irrisitable to women.

  3. Thank you. There have been quite a lot of people that have tried to help me out a bit. A little bit. Which was the problem. And this page right here just said it to my face. And it makes perfect sense to me. Thank you so much. Time to kick my ass into gear.

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