Welcome to SbK, or How to Get Started in the Galaxy of Seduction

Let me guess why you’re here…

You’re a pretty decent guy, cultivated, educated, you dress fairly well, your friends say you’re caring and kind, you’re relatively charming and YET… You don’t understand why things aren’t working with women they way you’d like.

Read this carefully….

Problem #1

You don’t understand why your best friend, who’s really cute, dates an asshole and is totally in love with him. You don’t understand why your relationship with this new girl began well enough but now she’s not returning your calls, or your texts, and when you get her on the phone she tells you she’s been busy.

Problem #2

You still don’t understand what went wrong on your first date with her, since it seemed to go fairly well, you brought your A-game, you called her before the date to check if she was still coming, you reminded her from time to time how happy you were to see her and to go on a date with her, and you sent her a reassuring little text message telling her to get home safely.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to SbK, or How to Get Started in the Galaxy of Seduction”

  1. Hello kamal
    My congratulations to The Translation of this wonderful blog.
    Are you a fan of the American seduction community The Pick Up Artist?

    Or teach you another way to seduce?


  2. I think its true that women aren’t necessarily materialistic they are just attracted to those type of guys because they come off as on top of things. They project a air of confidence that is almost irrisitable to women.

  3. Thank you. There have been quite a lot of people that have tried to help me out a bit. A little bit. Which was the problem. And this page right here just said it to my face. And it makes perfect sense to me. Thank you so much. Time to kick my ass into gear.

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