how to tell if he is in love with you

Here is How to Tell if He’s in Love With You (Really)

how to tell if he is in love with you

Ah, the big question! You’re pretty — no, totally — crazy about him but you’re not sure if he feels the same way? How can you tell if he’s in love with you?

It’s normal to ask yourself this question and, especially, to want an answer. He’s everything you like and even just thinking about him makes you smile and want to be with him. No question, you’re in love with him but what about how he feels about you? How can you find an answer to this question?

And what if he’s not in love with you? Or what if he’s madly in love with you? I’m going to help you out, my friend.

Believe me, there are some sure signs to look for. Not to mention, who better than a guy to tell you if your guy is in love with you or not? Let’s figure this out.

10 signs that prove he’s in love with you

I’ll get right to the heart of the matter, with 10 signs that prove he’s in love with you:

1. Your guy is a bit goofy when he’s around you.

If your guy is goofy when he’s with you, if he talks to you like a kid or even a baby, there’s no doubt about it: he’s in love with you. A man in love has no problem or shame when it comes to showing that he’s vulnerable, and crazy about the woman he loves. He’s completely gentle and sweet when he sees you and his little voice proves that he’s crazy about you. He’ll even smile and laugh in a silly way when he thinks about you or when he watches you doing or saying something. If your man is goofy around you, it means he feels completely comfortable and good when you’re with him.

2. He’s interested in you and listens to you.

If your guy is interested in you and listens to you, he’s clearly in love with you. If a man only talks about himself all the time, it’s over: he doesn’t love you. But if he asks you questions to get to know you better and attentively listens to your answers, that means he likes you. Sure, he might not always pay attention if you talk to him about subjects that are a little too “girly”, like reality TV or shopping. Luckily, when it comes to topics like these, you have your girlfriends.

3. He shares his inner self with you

If a man shares his private life with you, it means he trusts you. So, if you’re together, he’s certainly in love with you. A man doesn’t share his private life with just anyone and he’s even more careful about this when it comes to women. If he tells you personal things, asks your advice on issues that matter to him or even things that aren’t so important, he trusts you. And he’s letting you in on his secrets.

4. He tells you stories about his past

He doesn’t hesitate to tell you about his life before he met you. Things about his family, his love life, his most personal stories. He even tells you the most embarrassing thing that happened to him in high school. You weren’t in his past, and he clearly wants to talk to you about it as if you were. No doubt about it, this guy is in love with you.

5. He’s physically close to you

If your guy is physically close to you, if he touches you and is affectionate, and always finds a reason to make physical contact with you, that means he likes you. He’s generous when it comes to showing you affection and tenderness. It’s obvious he’s completely fallen for you and he wants to show you that naturally, without overdoing it. I’ll also add desire here. If he desires you of course it’s very clear to see.

6. He loves everything about you

Even when you have a cold and you’re bundled up in a blanket, feverish, nose red, eyes runny, he still loves you. He wants to take care of you, and if he catches your cold, too bad. He loves everything about you, even when you’re not at your best. He doesn’t care — you’re the one he loves, and he loves everything that makes you, you.

7. Your happiness is important to him

He would never keep you from being happy – quite the contrary. Your happiness is important to him and he proves it by his actions. If you dream of going on a three-week humanitarian trip to Africa, he’ll let you go and encourage you to achieve your dream. Even if it means being apart for a while, what matters is your happiness, and he fully supports you.

8. He wants to make you happy

A man who’s not in love with you won’t care about you. On the other hand, if he wants to make you happy, that changes things. If there’s something that would really make you happy, he’ll do what it takes to make it happen. Of course, this isn’t an absolute. If you dream of owning a Ferrari but he can’t afford to get you one, that doesn’t mean he isn’t in love with you. On the other hand, if he makes compromises to make you happy, you can take that as a sign he’s in love with you.

9. He makes you a part of his life on every level

He makes you a part of his life on every level – in other words, he wants to spend time with you when it’s just the two of you. He also wants to meet the people close to you (family and friends) and spent time with you and them together. He wants to introduce you to the people close to him, as well, and spend time with all of you. If a guy likes spending time with you but doesn’t want to meet your friends and family and doesn’t want you to meet his, he’s definitely not in love with you.

10. He makes plans with you.

This is a big one, my friend. If he makes plans with you, that means he sees himself being with you in the future, which means he’s in love with you. A man in love makes plans. A man who’s not in love, doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. Whether that means going to the movies together next week or going on vacation in three months, he loves you, no doubt about it.

Besides these signs, what else should I know about a man who’s in love?

Just because a man is in love with you doesn’t mean you’ve won him over. Sure, he likes you, but be careful not to think he’s “yours”. If you think this way, he’ll feel it and he won’t like it. Do you want to feel desired and be seduced by the man you love? Well, he feels the same way. Even if he’s in love with you, he wants to feel that you desire him and still want to seduce him.

For example, it’s impossible to consider being in a relationship without sex. There’s more to a relationship than that, of course, but it’s extremely important for a couple, as much for the man as for the woman. On that subject, I have a story to tell you:

David and Leila have been married for ten years. They’re still young – in their thirties – and have two kids. They’re in love and they have a strong relationship. There are certainly high and low moments, of course. They’ve been a bit on edge the past few days and unable to talk to each other without arguing.

One evening, David comes home from work and approaches Leila to make love to her. Leila gets angry and says, “What the hell, that’s all you think about!” The result is another argument. But what Leila didn’t understand is that David was stressed and overwhelmed at work. He had trouble talking about it, and for him, it’s comforting to make love with the woman he loves.

All this to say that women and men don’t function the same way, even if they’re in love. A man like David can show his love and need for comfort through desire for his wife and sharing an intimate moment with her. No, “that” ‘s not all men think about but it’s often their way to find or seek comfort from the woman they love, when they can’t express that need for comfort in words. Also, it’s pretty amazing that a man still feels desire for his wife after 10 years and two kids together, isn’t it?

It goes to show, love has to be maintained. It’s like a plant – you have to water and care for it so that it will live and blossomwith time.

With everything we’ve covered here, you should be able to tell if your guy is in love with you or not. If you have some doubts, he’s probably not, or maybe you’re completely blind.

But don’t put the cart before the horse; be patient. Sometimes some men take more time than others to show that they’re in love because, like some women, they’re trying to protect themselves from getting hurt. Past wounds could slow them down, but one thing will never betray you: your instinct. Listen to your instinct, trust the little voice inside you and don’t hesitate to talk to your partner in order to find out more.

What do you think? Are you sure that your man is in love with you? Share your doubts, certainties, and experiences.

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