Here is How to Tell if He’s in Love With You (Really)

Ah, the big question! You’re pretty — no, totally — crazy about him but you’re not sure if he feels the same way? How can you tell if he’s in love with you?

It’s normal to ask yourself this question and, especially, to want an answer. He’s everything you like and even just thinking about him makes you smile and want to be with him. No question, you’re in love with him but what about how he feels about you? How can you find an answer to this question?

And what if he’s not in love with you? Or what if he’s madly in love with you? I’m going to help you out, my friend.

Believe me, there are some sure signs to look for. Not to mention, who better than a guy to tell you if your guy is in love with you or not? Let’s figure this out.

10 signs that prove he’s in love with you

I’ll get right to the heart of the matter, with 10 signs that prove he’s in love with you:

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