How To Improve Your Personality and Live Happily

Following our readers demands, we will be talking about personal development, dedicated specially to those beginners in the field, but which can also serve as a reminder to those with the most experience.

The Four Agreements: Everything You Should Know (2019)

What is Personal Development?

Self-development is when you become self-conscious and question yourself on a regular and perpetual basis, because you can’t stop improving. This could result from a failure (even though I don’t like this word) in your professional life, love life, social life… a sort of call that will be beneficial and will push you to see what goes wrong, look for the problems, identify them and try to find solutions to solve them.

Life is the most precious thing in the world and people are happy to exist

How many people do you think live this vicious circle of routine, just like cattle, and their lives can be summarized to eating, sleeping and for the luckiest ones making love.

They find their lives boring but don’t do anything to improve them. This is a normal thing because they don’t question themselves. Usually they are people who always claim their innocence and throw their own faults on others, and these people never improve. Therefore, the poor AFC (average frustrated champ) hates all the women in the world, the world’s unemployed people and the world’s employed people…

And because you’re lucky, you think properly, maybe you’ve ended up asking yourself pertinent questions that make you move forward.

A balanced professional life, spiritual life and love life, with a little humor, exciting  things, uninterrupted novelties, interesting encounters, are a luxury for some people who think they’ve reached the top but haven’t really..

1 thought on “How To Improve Your Personality and Live Happily”

  1. tomsbabyjenna

    “A person’s value is not based on what that person did or was not able to do. You can always start all over again and try to reach your goals because your intrinsic value will remain intact.”

    Wow is all I can say to this comment. I never thought of it that way but its a good thing to realize. That I am worth it regardless of what people think. Once you can believe that you can do anything.

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