Are You A Pick Up Artist ? Or a Woman Chaser ?

Everyone is the way he is. Every pick up artist uses the means he has at his disposal.

So we’re not going to change your underlying personality, you’ll stay the same person you really are deep down. But in this article we’re going to learn what distinguishes a real seduction artist from an ordinary woman chaser who’s direct and whose goals are transparent and we’ll help you integrate these techniques intelligently into your personality.

The sculptor of your reputation

The pick up artist crafts his image. While the woman chaser simply looks like an average consumer, the pick up artist creates his image like a pointillist painter, with small, subtle, progressive touches. He looks distracted while being very present. He’s likable man, smiling, funny, open, caring, affable, attentive, comfortable with himself. His way of seeing things is a work of art.

He sees everything, measures everything, takes the time to observe the effect of each piece he adds to his puzzle. He’s very reputable, appears perfectly safe, and everyone enjoys his company.

Mysterious and unpredictable

The pick up artist is unfathomable, and that’s his strength. Nothing seems to affect him, because he doesn’t seem to be pursuing any definable goal. No challenges, no competition, no results to be obtained. He’s not a burden on other people. He shows interest without being judgmental or critical, he doesn’t try to enslave, control.

He’s present while staying neutral, detached, perfectly natural. Everybody thinks they know him but they couldn’t tell you anything very precise or wrong about him.

He inspires confidence, and winds up the recipient of all the secrets and gossip, without that affecting him in any way, without betraying any secrets, in permanent loyalty to all those around him.

What to do and what not to do

The pick up artist operates indirectly: he doesn’t ask for anything, because his whole game consists of getting others to offer him what he wants.

The pick up artist uses a gradual approach, invisible and actually evil. He creates concentric circles of vibratory waves around his target.

Unlike the woman chaser who calls it quits when he senses he can’t close the deal quickly enough, the pick artist has time, nothing but time. He lives and presents himself as if he already has everything he needs. You imagine that he might find himself in new situations, or in better ones, but you can’t really be sure why. He constantly sets up favorable situations for himself, but he never takes action.

He acts without taking action, he’s in a state of non-action while remaining perfectly aware of how the situation he’s setting up is growing and maturing. He knows that when the time comes, he’ll only need to take an almost imperceptible action, a tiny acceleration of movements and signals for his prey to fall into his arms.

Know how to talk, have fun and don’t think too much

The pick up artist is effusive. But he doesn’t just say anything, in any old way. He’s straightforward, sometimes ironic. He has a good sense of humor. People either understand it, or they don’t. They either appreciate it, or they don’t. He has an easy time talking to everyone. He’s poised, he looks mature, but you can detect a hint of the rebellious kid he used to be.

He’s not the type of guy who shows his feelings. He keeps his problems to himself. He looks always calm, casual, but not unstable. It’s this apparent certainty that attracts women…

The encounter

When the encounter happens, the pick up artist is in a position of strength. She is the one who speaks and who’s trying to sell herself. She talks about what she loves and would love to do, opening the last door to her heart for the seduction artist. She gives even more of herself when the seduction artist is full of sympathy and offers to help her.

He is available, accommodating, he enlightens and informs her, he appears to be the most helpful of gentlemen. He brings her a completely refreshing vision of human relationships. And he understands her, helps her understand herself, and gives her a valuable definition about her self.

In a word, he enchants and delights her; without realizing it, she can’t live without her pick artist any more.

Everything is ready for the close

The prey has given up, the fruit is already ripe. She’s barely aware of how intense the connection she’s created with the seduction artist really is. She’s become dependent on the seduction artist. She calls him for nothing, as if he’s become her confessor, her guru.

The pick up artist, for his part, remains detached and rakes in the points, very precisely measuring the progress of his aura is making in his lover’s soul. She’s starting to suffer from the apparent detachment of her seduction artist; she reveals more and more of her private thoughts, her soul, what she hopes to gain from the unbridled passion that she’s ready to unleash, anything that she’s willing to offer and that she’s never given any one else.

And she gives in and surrenders …

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4 thoughts on “Are You A Pick Up Artist ? Or a Woman Chaser ?”

  1. You have a way with words that makes for such great story telling. I loved what I just read. I can just see what you wrote come to life, its the makings of what you see in a movie. Very well done.

  2. I keep seeing the phrase alpha male, what if your not with a guy like that. I think you can have a wonderful relationship with someone without having to have that alpha male status, someone who’s constantly having to be on top can’t possibly make time for a woman. Imo…

  3. U said a PUA doesn’t try to control? I must disagree.. A Pick up artist must exert control & dominance over women in a sweet cocky-funny non-threatening way.. B/c hot women are arrogant & stuck-up.

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