How To Use Storytelling to Get Women’s Attention?

use storytelling to get attention

Have you heard the word “storytelling”? It is a technical term often used in the field of contemporary communication. It actually refers to the construction of the content of a message, both in terms of the logic of the argument and the discourse used during an interaction.

Its purpose is to establish a strong brand and an easily identifiable strategic positioning. It allows you to share your values, to highlight your interpersonal skills and to embody the resolution of a given problem (by demonstrating your expertise, know-how and understanding of the issues raised).

Seduction, like any social exchange is based on conversation. Communication, whether verbal or physical, therefore plays an important role. To please someone, you have to send her a coherent and engaging picture of herself while revealing the contours of your own personality (as an alpha male, for example).

Together we will try to see if the methods applied to the design and development of storytelling can be applied to this area where feelings, unspoken urges, and psychology intersect.

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