Do not make these 3 fatal mistakes in your relationship…


To find the right girl and start a healthy relationship—this is a life goal we all set for ourselves. Even though students of seduction want to style themselves as chick magnets, nobody imagines finishing his or her life alone, without being able to share it with a companion.

But you also have to realize that seduction does not stop the moment you have a girlfriend. If you have a girlfriend, you likely have to seduce her again and again. And more than just that, you’ll have to avoid some serious mistakes that could send you headfirst into a wall of hurt.

That’s today’s theme: what are the mistakes people in relationships mistake? How can you be yourself, manage a relationship, and avoid them? SBK has your answers.

The errors we will discuss pertain to the kinds of mistakes people make during the budding phases of a relationship. We will bypass some of the obvious things: don’t be unfaithful, don’t fight with her parents, etc. … But this stuff you already know, right?

1. Change? But what kind of change…

This is the first question that arises near the beginning of ever new love story. Drunk with passion, excited to have met a beautiful woman who seems to thoroughly appreciate us, we try to organically build trust. And we become Mr. Nice Guy.

It’s natural, but can have some negative long term consequences.

You will be blamed in the future having been too nice, too considerate, too altruistic, if you are unable to stay the course when the routine gets boring, you’re going to hear about it. “I did not realize that you were like that”, “Now I see your true nature” will become part of the arguments that can cause you to doubt yourself and the strength of your relationship.

Trying to please her is not a bad thing in itself. Be careful though, not to erase your personality and self-assertion in the service of trying to develop your relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, disputes and disagreements are not adverse events in relationships. They actually build emotional attachment.

How can love develop if all you have between one another is one agreement after the other? How will you react when the other person shows some signs of independence?

The first mistake to avoid is playing some kind of role in the hope that everything will be perfect, and forgetting to be yourself.

2. Isolation and refusing to socialize

Having a girlfriend is great, but you also need to have a life. Refusing to meet with friends and cocooning up in some secret place with your girl is no way to live life.

One of the worst choices a couple can make is to stop interacting with the outside world. The causes of this isolation are often jealousy and possessiveness.

Don’t be like that.

Do not let your relationship take precedence over the rest of your life. You put too much pressure on your sweetheart and she will feel trapped.

A relationship needs diversity. Family meetings, updates, new friends, new interests and hobbies these are the bonds that you need.

3. Dominance and the notion of“rights”

As a relationship is an agreement between two people, there needs to be some communication. You need to respect the psychological needs of your partner.

That is to say, you should be careful to be yourself, without just doing whatever you feel like all the time with no regard to your beautiful lady. This can be cataclysmic.

No, you can’t grant yourself the right to openly flirt with other women, to take all the decisions, to dictate the way you see things and use manipulation to get whatever you want!

A relationship is a place for exchange, communication and discussion. Having your own way, is another way to say to your partner “what you think doesn’t count.” The problem isn’t that you don’t completely understand the other side … it’s that you’re not even trying!

A relationship is a more complex exchange than it seems. This is why I undertook this series of articles. To help show you how seduction and sacrifice can work together to make something beautiful. But enough about me. What about you?

What do you think the biggest mistakes couples make are? How would you handle them? Your feedback are, as always, expected and thoroughly appreciated! See you soon!

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