Do not make these 3 fatal mistakes in your relationship…


To find the right girl and start a healthy relationship—this is a life goal we all set for ourselves. Even though students of seduction want to style themselves as chick magnets, nobody imagines finishing his or her life alone, without being able to share it with a companion.

But you also have to realize that seduction does not stop the moment you have a girlfriend. If you have a girlfriend, you likely have to seduce her again and again. And more than just that, you’ll have to avoid some serious mistakes that could send you headfirst into a wall of hurt.

That’s today’s theme: what are the mistakes people in relationships mistake? How can you be yourself, manage a relationship, and avoid them? SBK has your answers.

The errors we will discuss pertain to the kinds of mistakes people make during the budding phases of a relationship. We will bypass some of the obvious things: don’t be unfaithful, don’t fight with her parents, etc. … But this stuff you already know, right?

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