8 Tips for a Happy and Fulfilled Life as a Couple

Whether you’ve already been in a relationship for several years, or you’re planning to move in together, here are a few little secrets for life as a couple.

The first magic word on the list is communication.

You have to be sure that your choice is freely consented and shared. Do not place yourselves in the same household under duress (economic or other…). If you’re serious, it’s important to find a new apartment when you move in together, if possible, and not to live in the same place where one or the other is already living, because you’ll need a bigger space to keep from suffocating. Finally, you should discuss the financial aspects so that it’s clear how you’ll be sharing the expenses.

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Moving in and making compromises

Moving is the first real test for any couple because compromises will be numerous and inevitable. The important thing is that both of you say clearly what you think or feel, how you see things, without locking yourselves up in doubt and resentment.

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