Planning a romantic picnic: Seduction in the great outdoors

seduction in outdoors

The good thing about the arrival of this beautiful summer weather is that it gives you, my dear players-in-training, the opportunity to strengthen your imagination and show the young ladies just how much of an ideal man you are.  You are the one who will satisfy all their romantic fantasies!  For make no mistake, though they might try to appear tough, inside every woman there is a little girl who dreams of being a princess and spending a romantic afternoon listening to the birds sing, feeling the warm sun, and relaxing with her prince charming.

There is one perfect way to fulfill this fantasy. It mixes romance and nature.  It let’s you get to know each other and share a delicious meal. That’s right, it’s a picnic!

Careful, I’m not saying to throw a piece of ham or turkey between two slices of bread, call it a sandwich, and eat it on a bench next to the dumpster.  We’re talking about romance here, about living up to the title of “player!” We’re talking about a magical moment that could take your relationship to the next level, or at least score you some big points.  But enough chatting… time for action!

1. What should I bring to eat on a romantic picnic?

Before starting the explanation, I just want to say that I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing how to invite a girl to share this moment with you. Why? Because doing so would be repeating what is said in many of our articles… So let’s move right along to the next phase: the invitation is extended, the date set and its time to start the preparations …

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