How To Seduce a Man – 3 Basic Things Every Women Should Do To Attract A Man!

seduce a manPicking up a man isn’t as difficult as people sometimes lead you to believe… But Learning to seduce men and to understand them is still an art form… an art form that you can master, Madam, starting this very instant!

In this first article from the series, seducing a man, we’re going to cover the basic rules you should know, along with a set of techniques and methods of seduction that will let you EFFECTIVELY seduce a man, with class and elegance!

Many of you visit the site, and it is our duty to serve you and especially to boost your knowledge of feminine seduction, or if you prefer, to sculpt it.

But before sharing the secrets of seduction that will enable you to capture any man you desire, let me tell you a secret.

As I explained in my first book , we men are like ON/OFF buttons. Simply press the ON button, and there you go! Meanwhile you ladies, you’re like volume buttons that move incrementally, we have to turn the volume up bit by bit, or in other words, we need a whole seduction arsenal to achieve our goals. See the difference.

3 thoughts on “How To Seduce a Man – 3 Basic Things Every Women Should Do To Attract A Man!”

  1. Bunmi Omoijuanfo

    I can attest to the fact that all your pointers worked,I am from Nigeria in West Africa…I would love to thank you for the tips,the tip about using different perfumes is my favourite as its so sensual and give me d aura of a confident,classy woman thank you…

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