How to Spend a Dream and Unforgettable Vacation with Your Partner

Unforgettable Vacation with Your PartnerTraveling together as a couple is the only real opportunity to discover or, shall I say,  rediscover each other.

But to keep this great idea of traveling together from turning into trench warfare or an explosive break-up, I suggest you follow a few rules. Have you ever had to deal with a:

“My vacation with him (her)…. REALLY serious disaster  !!! ”

If so, here are a few tips to avoid seeing your relationship slide down the side of a dormant volcano, and you all know what a volcano does when it wakes up, right ? NO ?

Well, then you should know, it doesn’t sit on the patio looking out over the ocean and reading the newspaper over a little coffee, it explodes in your (Censored)

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