How to Bring a Girl Home for a One-Night-Stand

bring a girl home

Meeting women is great, but let’s admit it, we’re not always looking for the girl we want to spend the rest of our lives with!  Like every animal on earth, men need to satisfy their basic needs, especially the sexual ones.  One-night-stands have a lot of pros:  no emotions, no headaches, a new partner every time… all with no strings attached!  In short, for a single guy, a one-night-stand is a bit like the Holy Grail … It is the ultimate goal!

Sure, except it’s not always so easy to ensnare the ladies, who hide behind the “need” to know the man they’re going to bed with, and who are afraid of being perceived as sluts.  You can’t blame them, that’s how society works:  a sexually promiscuous man is seen as a “playboy,” but if a woman acts the same way?  What a whore!

So, how to achieve your goals? How can you get more action? These are very good questions that we will try to answer.

1. Forget your prejudices and try to understand the female psyche

For most men, one-night-stands are more of a wet-dream fantasy than a reality.  Why is that?  Because they think they won’t be able to convince a woman to sleep with them for one night and one night only.  The problem isn’t that they can’t do so, but that they don’t know how to – because anyone can do it if they try!  They just need to know the rules involved.

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