How To Wear Accessories For Men

They are a must for a complete look, and accessories should be worn well without abusing too much.

You can opt for a ring or a bracelet, but don’t overdo it.


They should be adapted to your face. Don’t choose oversized sunglasses such as Aviator or Navigator sunglasses if you have a small face. Also avoid sunglasses with rectangle glasses and that have no frames, as they are outdated. Avoid brands with big letters, as it is the same as D&G belts with huge circles.


prefer original circles, choose a color or tone that fits well with your pants and choose quality leather. A belt should shine and be slightly noticed between the thread.

The hat: a felt hat or a tweed for the winter, as it may be very dandy during that period of the year. It is difficult to associate, but I would advise that if you really have to wear a straw hat, always prefer a Borsalino, other hats are not in vogue. Possibilities are diverse, but avoid light tones during the summer. Hats are a trendy accessory and better than caps when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.

Bracelets, rings, necklaces…: We can mention everything depending on your tastes. Note that when you wear too many accessories, some people will not like you. A necklace will give a sexed up appearance to your outfit, but a bear neck can also value your neck. After having read this article, you should know everything about how to have quality looks, and you should have no excuses for not being dressed.

Bags: You may think of a bag or case as just something that helps you get your stuff from here to there. But looking good is about more than how you take care of yourself or what you wear; it’s also about what you carry along with you.

NOTE: Looking for handcrafted leather goods that last generations? Check out Meqnes on Etsy!

Set up good bases, and then, don’t forget to have a point that makes you distinct from everyone else. I will finish this article by quoting Boateng (see Why Style Matters, January 2009 documentary) Style is personal, individual and a reflection of which you are, style is confidence, style is arrogance, and style is instinct.

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