The 10 Must-Know Things About Sex: Part 1

Whether you think of yourself as a sex god, or if you’re shy and awkward in bed, sex is full of surprises – more than you could even imagine. More than just a bedroom hobby or a test of your masculinity, sex is a complex phenomenon with physical, but also biological and chemical, implications. It’s not about size, endurance or technique (though that all matters). The chemistry between two people (or lack thereof) depends on many things. The goal of this first article in our new column is to do a little summary of important things to know about sex, before we delve into more detailed explanations, juicy details, and the answers to all your questions.

things to know about sex

1 – You and your partner may be incompatible

Though it’s not everything, penetration is still the main element of the sexual act. Although it seems like the most natural thing, it isn’t always so easy. Indeed, incompatibility problems can come up; this is the moment when size DOES matter. If the legnth of your penis doesn’t match the depth of your partner’s vagina, it could be a real mood killer. Why’s that? Because it will be impossible to stimulate the sensitive vaginal walls. Don’t worry, this does not necessarily mean that you are too “short”. It might be that her vagina is too large for you to be able to give her the pleasure she’s looking for.

The opposite can also be true. A woman can be too “tight,” which can cause her pain during intercourse. In this case, there is a natural solution: keep in mind that when a girl is turned on, her cervix dilates, and the size of the vagina doubles (on average). So make sure that your partner is physically ready before taking action! Don’t skimp on foreplay!

2 – Women can have more orgasms than men

It’s no secret that women can have multiple orgasms. But did you know that women can have multiple climaxes? (A climax is the peak, or moment of orgasm.) This is a big difference from men, who can only have one orgasm before needing a break – two if they are lucky! Take it easy, though – this is rare, even for the “professionals” (like the actors in X-rated films)!

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