How To Seduce THAT Girl

Do you remember THAT girl that touched your heart when in college?

Then the girl that everyone loved and wanted as a girlfriend in high school? Without forgetting, the woman with an irresistible charm that works with you in the accounting department of the company.

Do you recognise them?

Do you remember all these beautiful creatures that made you fantasize so badly? Do you also remember your want and desire to seduce and charm them?

Do you remember your love for her, all so secretive and discrete?

4 thoughts on “How To Seduce THAT Girl”

  1. There’s this really cute girl I met at youth one night. She has browny blonde hair, soft green blue eyes, and the most adorable smile I have ever seen. I haven’t spoken to or seen her since but she makes my heart melt everytime I am reminded of her…

  2. There is this beautiful lady that I met on 2go.I added her as a friend because she was beautiful and I started chatting with her.She is young (23 years).I requested for her number but she declined. She was always telling me I should calm down so, I followed her calmly.At a point, we started communicating fluntly but she still refuse to give me her number.Fortunately enough, I got her number from Facebook and I told her about it.She then gave me her nod to call her and I did.T cut the story short, I finnaly met her in person when I travelled home and we talked briefly.Since then, we have been communicating on phone.How do I make her see that Iam really in love with her?


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