Why The Hell Should You Kiss In The Metro?

Ever since I moved to Berlin, I had to take the metro to get to work every morning.

So, for everyone else that takes the metro, you and I know that the “subway world” is completely out of the ordinary.

From desperate artists that annoy us with their so called “art” during the time between two stations, to those who speak (shout rather) on the telephone, like they were the only ones in the world, and finally, couples in love that kiss passionately without paying attention to their surroundings or the people that are around them.

The last category of people will be the subject of my article because I have something to say and share this morning.

Even before starting work this morning, I give myself the luxury to write this article, for the dear readers of SBK, while sipping on my morning juice, caringly brought to my desk by Anna, our charming assistant (we will talk about her later…)

1 thought on “Why The Hell Should You Kiss In The Metro?”

  1. I absolutely agree with you.

    I am a female and I totally agree with you.

    The trouble with this world is there is a lack of the fear of god and respect!

    Where are peoples sense of morals today?

    I live in the uk and I had the devastating experience of a couple shoving their tongues down their throats in front of me and my 12 year old son.

    They were seated right in front of us. So, they knew we were there.

    This devastated me and my son I was so shocked that I could not even move physically.

    I trusted this couple to choose to sit behind them. And they paid me and my son with disrespect!

    I also felt raped and violated as though I and my son was part of a sexual orgy we not want to take part in.

    One may say wow….that’s a bit extreme. However, that was our experience and I am just honestly expressing how we felt.

    Also I think the reason it had that effect on me is because I love god and I am s god fearing person. I strive to lead a holy and pure life.

    So I guess when I see intimate things like this that should be reserved for your own privacy behind closed doors. It saddens me to see people do things with out regard for others.

    Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with holding hands, hugging a little peck here and there.

    But , shoving your tongues down each others throats, in front of a 12 year old and strangers is a bit too much for me. It’s disgusting.

    But I forgive that couple and I know that the blood of Jesus will continue to cover me and my family from all the wiles of the enemy.

    We live in a sinful world filled with lust, fornication and adultery. Is it any wonder that all these disgusting things are now spilling out into our streets as the bedrooms are now not big enough to contain some of the filth that people do?

    All I can do is pray for them.

    Your article is brilliant and has helped to come to terms with that mind shattering experience. Which has the ability to affect people in so many negative ways.

    I will pray for that young man also as well as yourself. We need to be mindful and caring of people when in public.

    So I call upon the uk government to ban French kissing in public. It’s dirty I don’t want too see it. Do your kissing in private instead of embarrassing people, shocking young children and the elderly.

    To some degree kissing in public is perversed. Why not have sex in public too! After all they are both an act of intimacy. If they are not then I dare all the public kissers to kiss me everyone else who is watching?

    But, but, why can’t you do it?? Yuck, I hear…well, yuck to you too. I dint want to see it and you don’t want to do it (kiss) random strangers. Then don’t kiss in front of strangers,
    Show some respect and dignity!!

    Peace I’m out of here.

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