How To Invite A Girl Out : 9 Tips That You Should Know !

How To Invite A Girl OutGoing out with a girl, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth, has always been a real challenge for some guys, something they don’t know how to manage…

I’ve written several articles in which I discuss the art of succeeding on a first date… etc. But in this article my mission is to try to explain, once and for all, the ingredients that will make going out with your sweetheart an experience that’s truly… Seductive!

YOU make the plans


Don’t act like guys who fail because their plan is asking the girl to choose what she wants to do, and letting her decide where to go … As a seductive Alpha Male, YOU have to be the one calling the shots, not her!

10 thoughts on “How To Invite A Girl Out : 9 Tips That You Should Know !”

  1. So kamal what you’ve said is important plans you’ve given too just want to tell don’t act like the others guys who are juste seducing for pleasure

  2. I would have to disagree, I don’t mind when a man asks what I want to do, it shows me that he is interested in what I like. I wouldn’t mind him picking some stuff and giving me options though. I love it when a man takes me somewhere that I know that he is comfortable something he excels at. I get a better sense of who he is and the confidence he has in incredible.

  3. Personally, I think that the most important aspect between interaction with women is to have GUTS ! We are man, we were born with guts, if you have guts you won’t be afraid of any woman, you won’t hesitate to ask her any of question you have in your head for example “How many panties do you have?” or “Wich colour of gummy berry is your favourite” Just do it.

    In my opinion it’s looks like that:

    A guy (since I am a guy, it will be easier for me to write as a male) meets a woman that he finds attractive and they start talking together. The man is not thinking of how the conversation is going – his mind is already in the future, thinking “does she like me?” “where will this go?” “how will this turn out?”

    The guy and the girl meet up. They are talking and there is so much to discover about each other, yet the guy is not thinking about it, he is not in the moment nor in the conversation – his mind is racing towards the future: “how is this going?” “should I kiss her now?” “does this have a chance of working?”

    … and so on, the guy is never “NOW” in the moment ! Just having FUCKIN FUN !

    All the time, the “NOW” somehow eludes this guy. He is constantly in the future, analyzing and worrying, never really able to enjoy what is going on here in the moment.

    Be happy that you see other person, try not to be nervous, if she came for the meeting she was as intrested in you as you’re ! :)

    I have to write an article about it.

  4. Kathrin Magalski

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  5. agree with Norbert, don’t be nervous clearly a girl is interested in you if she agrees to a date with you. I do also agree that men are very good at knowing what they want and know how to get it.

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