How To Seduce a Girl Who Has a Boy Friend

seduce a girl that has a boy friendSometimes you come across a beautiful woman who, unfortunately, is already taken…!

You have an urge and an unexplainable need to flirt with this woman with the angelic face who’s standing in front of you, but the mission is really different this time around, she mentions her boyfriend or fiancé to you, but since you’re unstoppable, you don’t give up and you insist on flirting with and seducing this lovely woman.

What do you do?

How do you go out with a girl who’s got a boyfriend?

The Boy Friend Destroyer (BFD) technique is made for you then…


Before we start explaining the technique, it’s important to indicate what drove the girl to mention her boyfriend:

You’re with this woman, you’re happily pursuing your seduction strategy, and suddenly she tells you she has a boyfriend, that she’s madly in love with him, and she’d never think for a second about cheating on him, especially with you…

That doesn’t mean it’s time to bring out the BFD technique, but it does mean that you weren’t able to create enough attraction between you, the kind connection you need to move on to next stage of your seduction strategy.

In fact, she may be trying to lie to you, because she didn’t want to talk to you… It’s that simple.

If you often or always wind up in these kinds of situations (she mentions her boyfriend early on) then you HAVE TO review your basic knowledge of seduction

On the other hand, when a woman mentions the possible existence of her boyfriend at an advanced stage of your seduction strategy, IGNORE it and just say ohhh how cute” and continue flirting with her in peace and tranquility.

If she brings him up again, the BFD technique can be used to knock her boyfriend out of play so you can replace him. Finally, in the worst case scenario, make her forget her boyfriend just long enough to go back to your apartment!


This technique is ONLY intended to destroy her boyfriend, NOT TO REPLACE HIM AS A NEW BOYFRIEND, BUT JUST TO SLEEP WITH HER… She can go back to him if he feels like it… It’s a matter of total indifference.

I repeat… don’t start hoping you’ll be the new love of her life, unless you look like David Beckham… well… you wouldn’t be reading this article now if you did :)

In general, the technique works as follows:

You create a VOID that makes her see her Boyfriend as an INCOMPETENT who can’t satisfy her needs. And at that moment, in fact, you’ll show her you are what can fill the void, so sex between you two will be really good for her!

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A quick reminder:

Please note the following… If you attack her boyfriend, she will instinctively defend him. Result: You will activate/reinforce her positive feelings about him, and at the same time, negative feelings about YOU. It’s a bad idea, actually.

Even worse, if you try to convince her that you’re better than her boyfriend, it’s because you haven’t learned anything about seduction… you can click on the X in the upper right, and go the new site

You’ve really been to that site? oh my God…

Let’s move on…

On the other hand, if you say that her boyfriend is perfect for her, and that both of them are made to spend their lives together… She’ll reevaluate and reconsider her boyfriend based on YOUR words and YOUR thoughts ====> You just set down the first stone of a building called “DOUBT.”

If you also tell her you’re REALLY not meant to be her boyfriend, and that in fact, the two of you would NEVER be a happy couple (disqualify her) and you highlight all your horrible qualities as a boyfriend, she’ll link your comments to her experience with her current boyfriend… which is GOOD!

Your secret weapon is something called a projection.

“But what’s a projection?” says the nice young man in the back row.

So I tell him…

As I clearly explained in my seduction method, 9 elements, a projection is an almost imaginary scene which you yourself describe to the girl. It’s a simple description of a situation in which you both show up as a very handsome couple, which allows her to project herself into the future with you, WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS!

Why does it work?

A study conducted by leading psychologists has shown that a woman’s brain visualizes everything she hears. I’ll give you a little example.

Imagine a desert island, with golden sand and a blue sea… it’s hot and you’re lying comfortably on your towel next to a beautiful girl in a sexy bikini, who’s inviting you with a big smile to go swimming with her…

You’re still with me? ok cool, I can finish my article then!

This is what’s called a projection into seduction, and that’s what you’re going to use… I forgot to tell you this is a very advanced technique.

Along with projection, you have Disqualification: You make all kinds of excuses why you can’t be her boyfriend, you disqualify YOURSELF especially!

My favorite is:

“Girls take up all my free time.”

Use disqualification immediately after using projection.

And let me doubly emphasize, the “I have a boyfriend” thing is completely bogus nonsense, and you should continue your seduction strategy as if it didn’t matter!

And now, let’s take some time to practice:

Seduction artist: You’re actually a lesbian, that’s it right?

Target: No, I’m not lesbian, but I’m dating someone, he’s the Manager at blah blah blah…
S: Well then, it’s a good thing I know that!

C: Why ??

S: Well, I was going to kidnap you and take you to a desert island, so we could spend a wonderful weekend drinking, swimming, and sunbathing together in the sunshine… but that will never happen! Tell me, how long have you been going out with him?

C: Just a few weeks!

S: WOW! Seeing the way your eyes are shining, I’d say you’re madly in love with him! And besides, I bet that within a year, you’ll get married and have lots of children!!

C: but I don’t want to get married now, or have children! I’m an independent woman!!

S: Of course you are! but I think he’s perfect for you, I bet he buys you flowers all the time, that he behaves like a proper gentleman, and I’m sure, he NEVER looks at other girls when you’re together!

So the structure is as follows:

She mentions the existence of her boyfriend and describes him this way: Ahh he’s so XXX, I love him so much blah blah blah… Here’s what to use when you start your projection:

Since I think your boyfriend’s great, and I really don’t want to break his heart, because he must be crazy about you, I suggest that we keep our get-togethers secret, and he shouldn’t hear about our undercover dates…

Continue with a:

You know what? I can see you’re in a true love story, it seems like this guy is PERFECT for you, and that you’re going to be together FOR LIFE, FOREVER… Besides, I bet you’ll get married soon and have lots of children and a nice little house… and I couldn’t live with myself if I interfered in your relationship… This guy is the PERFECT man for you!

And then, she’ll slowly begin to attack him… “In fact, sometimes he’s blah blah blah” … and you reply:

If I was your boyfriend, I wouldn’t be like that. I’d call you 3 times a day just to see where you were… What you were doing… Who you were with… I’d go CRAZY if you didn’t call me every day, because I’d be so in love with you… I wouldn’t be able to live without you… then I’d go out with my friends on weekends so you’d be free to do whatever you wanted with your girlfriends. I don’t know how to cook or do the dishes… I’d forget our birthdays… and I’d disappear on Valentine’s Day!

Briefly, the tactic is:

  • She mentions her BF, you ignore her.
  • She mentions him again, you project an adventure where you and her are in the middle of a sexual act, and you tell her it can NEVER happen (projection + disqualification)
  • Describe her boyfriend as THE PERFECT boyfriend for her.
  • Describe yourself as a HORRIBLE potential boyfriend, you’re not made for that kind of stuff

As a final word, I’d like to say that ALL your efforts may be fruitless, since this technique is extremely advanced and sometimes tortuous, and furthermore, if you’re the guy who’s romantic-thoughtful-totally cute, who doesn’t want to break up a couple… well good luck then :)

I’d really like to have your opinion on this rather diabolical technique, so what do you think, gentlemen? (and ladies who are going to attack me :) )

Your friend,


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