The Art of Approaching a Woman, and Seducing Her

Approaching a woman you say ?

This is the most important issue in seduction. If you don’t know how to approach beautiful women you meet (often strangers), you can hardly talk about seduction. The work has to begin within the first few seconds of the conversation. As a result, if your approach is successful, your seduction strategy will prove very easy thereafter. So it pays to ensure a successful approach!

So let’s see how to approach a woman according to the rules of the art, let’s also talk about the fear of rejection, and finally, let’s discover the secrets of a perfect approach!

Understanding the approach: The opener

The approach step is often defined by something we call Openers.

Beginners  LOVE openers! They collect them and learn them by heart, and as soon as they spot a girl, they start reciting them like math formulas they learned in high school, and they look like idiots… because they’re not speaking in their own words. Bottom line, the girl discretely makes fun of the guy and, in the best case scenario, she gives him a fake number of  (because he was holding on to her like a pit bull).

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