The Art of Approaching a Woman, and Seducing Her

Approaching a woman you say ?

This is the most important issue in seduction. If you don’t know how to approach beautiful women you meet (often strangers), you can hardly talk about seduction. The work has to begin within the first few seconds of the conversation. As a result, if your approach is successful, your seduction strategy will prove very easy thereafter. So it pays to ensure a successful approach!

So let’s see how to approach a woman according to the rules of the art, let’s also talk about the fear of rejection, and finally, let’s discover the secrets of a perfect approach!

Understanding the approach: The opener

The approach step is often defined by something we call Openers.

Beginners  LOVE openers! They collect them and learn them by heart, and as soon as they spot a girl, they start reciting them like math formulas they learned in high school, and they look like idiots… because they’re not speaking in their own words. Bottom line, the girl discretely makes fun of the guy and, in the best case scenario, she gives him a fake number of  (because he was holding on to her like a pit bull).

I assure you, I also learned the openers by heart years ago, when I first started getting interested in seduction, but I gave up that nonsense, because I discovered something more important.

I noticed that, obviously, when I approach a girl, it doesn’t matter what I say, but HOW I say it!

Women are ROYALLY uninterested in what you say, they get approached (I mean beautiful women, okay!) dozens of times a day, they’ve heard a whole bunch of crap all day long, a world filled with openers of every color… You come along, you throw out your opener, the girl doesn’t stop to consider you, she moves away, end of story, the curtain comes down, the lights go up, the audience is crying… You’re rejected, you’re demoralized, and gradually, you say:

I’m giving up seduction.


Because you get rejected all the time ??

Then remember the following, I’m going to give you a nice secret of seduction.

How do you overcome rejection?

It’s quite natural to feel fear and hesitation before going up to approach an (attractive) unknown woman.

Your mind starts to analyze the situation with negative beliefs and at that moment, your initial state is completely overloaded with negative beliefs which, naturally, leads you to drop the idea of going up to approach her and, more importantly, it creates little excuses to put your mind at ease: “She had a pimple on her ankle,” “Anyway, I didn’t have much time,” “That’s not my style.”

There are even those who go too far:

I’m sure she already has a boyfriend.

“She’ll tell me something that will upset me, she’s going to reject me.”

“She’ll tell her friends that I tried to hit on her and that she rejected me.”

But let me tell you something. No specific tactic works with women. Some women are simply not inclined to meet someone, because you might meet a woman:

  • Happy in her current relationship
  • Cold, and totally unsociable
  • Sad or angry

If you want to become a real seduction artist, you have to understand that most women aren’t interested in meeting a stranger in their current circumstances, so if they reject you, don’t take it personally, they don’t know your personality or your qualities, they may just be rejecting the way you’re approaching them. So instead of whining and creating a bunch of drama, learn to move on, learn to say NEXT!!

So once again, put your hand on your heart and repeat after me:

“If I approach a woman and she rejects me, it’s because she doesn’t know my qualities and my personality, she didn’t actually reject me, she rejected my way of doing things.”

So how does a pick up work?

I don’t want to make your life complicated, because I know you can find thousands of pieces of advice about how to approach women (everyone is professor of seduction these days) with openers, False Time Constraints, yadda yaddas, and whatever… So let’s just keep things simple.

In fact, in the approach phase, there’s a pre-step, which we can call: preparing for the approach. It’s a little step where you draw her attention, that’s all. So you’re not totally unknown in her eyes when you speak your first words.

Losers often begin a conversation with nonsense like “you’re beautiful, what’s your name?

This communicates that you’re impressed, you’re under her spell, and you’re doing everything you can to be seductive… SHE is the prize.

Never do this!

Let’s take a small example. Mobile phones have become so popular that it’s very common to see young women looking at their phone, so approach a woman and ask her, with a little smile on your lips, “so he hasn’t called yet?”

This will often get her to smile. She’ll explain that she was just looking at the time blah blah. So you’ve successfully made your introduction and you can start your conversation.

But what should he say, I can hear the director asking me over my headset.

Whatever you want!

As I said above, it doesn’t matter… instead, what’s crucial is the way you do it. A: “I think you’re really cute but I don’t know you well enough to tell you, what’s your best quality? along with some body language, which is the best and most exemplary form of communication (this is a very very important point), will give your princess a good first impression of you. Let me repeat for the umpteenth time, it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you say it does matter.

Your friend,



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