Do You Wanna Change or Remain Natural?

One day, you questioned yourself and asked yourself “why can’t we lead happy lives? Why are we caught in the killer routine trap?” And that’s exactly when we started feeling happy, because happiness never comes alone: if you’re on SBK or a site of the same kind, you’ve probably read a lot of article on how to become a ladies’ man learned so many things that other people will probably never know, you apply everything that you learned, you apply it rather successfully and everyone’s happy.

Then comes the moment when you have to look closer in the text and look deeper in your soul to see what YOUR PERSONALITY really is all about!

You’ve just realized it! It’s what incited you to perform this internet research, and what have you found? Special sections about « personal development » where you can find many (good and bad) analyses that are sometimes rather pertinent!

The only problem is that when we say development, we mean change and for a lot of people (see for yourself), “you should be natural, be yourself… bla bla”. “People hate change, and yet change is the only thing that enables improvement” Charles F. Kattering.

I know, through this article, I will show you how I see things, but it is only my vision. I will give you simple example.

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