5 Socially Awkward Mistakes You Should Never Make

This is a guest post by my friend Paul Sanders who write about overcoming shyness and making friends, at Get The Friends You Want .com


Today, I want to talk about socially awkward mistakes we make without even realizing. These mistakes ruin some chances for us to make new friends. If we stop making them, we might make a lot more interesting and cool friends.

Did this ever happen to you: You meet new people, socialize a little with them. Everyone seem to have fun and is interested in the conversation. After it ends, you think that you just made some new friends and that makes you happy.

A few days go by, and you realize that these people (or this one person) isn’t really motivated to hang out with you. He or she doesn’t call, email or text and when you reach out to them, they seem to be busy more often than not.

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