How To Seduce A Woman At The First Date (2)

We have seen in the first part of this article that it is of capital importance that you should have a so called “neutral” state of mind in order to be in perfect simulation with the spirit of the beautiful princess that will be with you, Mr. Seducer.

The second part of this article will be more technical. You will find out small tricks, but also BIG revelations. You will simply realize that, in all likelihood, all your first dates before you read this article were some sort of failure, or simply, did not work out like YOU wanted them to. Yes, you are right, because I also realized that EVERY TIME I would do a huge mistake. In fact, as I would always bomb my first dates, I can tell you now, with complete modesty, that all my first dates work out just as I plan them to work out, by following a small elaborated plan. Let me first remind you what we saw in the first part: you should put in mind that in fact you’re only going out with an ordinary girl, who may be an interesting girl, and I might give her a second chance for an eventual 2nd date, well at least… if I’m still available :)

Your look

Forget what your mother told you. “Beauty is something internal, beauty resides in the heart, beauty is blabla…” STILL believing in these kinds of lies is a good way to miss out on the real stuff the rest of your life. As you know, true seducers get dressed like princes!

A nice jacket, a tight tailored shirt, and not that of the classical clerk which is extra-large (and which was bought by his mother, something normal given he’s a clerk). Then put nice pants that are assorted with your jacket, which should also be TAILORED! Then put this sentence in your mind:

“From now on, all my clothes should be tailored”

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