She canceled the date… what to do now?

The topic for this article is inspired by a real conversation that I had with a colleague. He had a date with a girl one week and he invited me to have a cup of coffee, so that I could give him a few tips…

I did so with great pleasure.

He was confident and happy, as he left the coffee place and went to sleep with a smile on his face, a champion’s smile. He had the keys to success (and seduction!) in hand.

Pure happiness.

On Monday morning, I went to kinda learn about his date… he was disappointed and almost frustrated, as he told me with a desperate voice: No Kamal, she didn’t come, she canceled the date…

2 thoughts on “She canceled the date… what to do now?”

  1. I had a date planned with a very attractive woman! She cancelled saying she wasn’t feeling the greatest and I actually did what you suggest and didn’t answer the text! She proceeded to text me saying” I know, I suck” ,” I really want to see you, I think I’m being stupid”, then I got this message… ” ok pick me up at 8 I’m taking some Tylenol now ” haha after her 4th or 5th message she cracked! The ignoring works wonders!

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