Does Size Matter?

does size matter

This article is in response to the comment Morrison left on “How to make love like a God …? (Part 2) and regards the size of a certain important organ.

Penis size for men is like breast size for woman, with one exception … you hide your attributes a little better than us!

Some men are attracted by large breasts, others prefer a little junk in the trunk. Should we ladies develop a complex about this? No way! Because there are plenty of guys out there interested in women beyond the stereotypical “hot girl”(you know, with blonde hair, blue eyes, etc.). These men are looking for the whole package, not just a few features. And it’s the same for girls.

Even if a girl were just after a big cock, she wouldn’t know what’s you’ve got under wraps until you’re in bed together.  And usually, there’s a lengthy process that must be undergone between meeting each other and hopping into bed together.

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