Foreplay: How To Master the Art of Female Satisfaction

female satisfaction tips

While some see this as a chore, foreplay is a very important step in sexual encounters. Your partner needs it to be able to achieve orgasm. I think we’re all in agreement, we her to enjoy herself as well, right? Today’s focus is going to be giving you some tips to start your lovemaking right.  Start by turning up the heat, and she’ll be screaming with pleasure before too long!

I’ll start with a little fact that some may not like, but which is nevertheless true: the more time you put into undressing your partner, the longer you wait before touching her main erogenous zone, and then the more time you take before penetration, the more you increase her chances of having an orgasm. Yes, women need to “be primed” before the pleasure can begin… Unlike us, who only need an erection to get the show started.

But guess what, guys? Your best tool to give pleasure to a woman is not your penis, but your ability to anticipate her needs! Women love to be excited before the real fun begins… So if you want to set the scene for the hottest night of her life, you had better follow these tips!

1. Play kissy face

Yes I know, this might bring you back to high school make out sessions.  Well, it was fun then, and it’s still fun now. When you’re just getting started, kiss your partner gently in many different places: her neck, earlobes, mouth, cheeks…

Alternate in these areas for a few minutes and you should see results … your partner will start to close her eyes and her skin temperature will increase slightly. Know how to hold yourself back! Don’t give in to your arousal when she is just warming up! Make the fun last!

2 Gently massage her neck

While you kiss her, take the opportunity to run one of your hands along her back and up towards her neck. Once you get there, gently massage her neck. Don’t use too much force – the neck is a very sensitive place, full of nerve endings.

3 Pick up the pace

It’s time to broaden your horizons: unveil a little more of her body by removing her top. Be careful not to pull her hair as you’re taking it off, or you’ll ruin the sexual tension!

You can now continue kissing her, adding new areas: the top of her breasts (but keep the bra on for now), her upper abdomen, her tummy… Al the same time let your hands continue wandering along your partner’s body, with your fingers coming in contact with her skin. For now, don’t pay any attention to the area below the belt at all.  Your mission is to play with her imagination, to touch her, but not rush into things. Even though you’re not yet touching her down there, she’ll start to long for the moment when you will!

4 Free the twins

After several minutes of igniting your partner’s passion, it’s time to turn the tension up another notch. Start by unhooking her bra! But careful: don’t jump on her breasts and her nipples right away. This way you implicitly show her that you’re not trying to pressure, her, just helping her feel more comfortable: what a gentleman!

Keep in mind that everything should move smoothlywith fluid transitions. So don’t stop kissing and gently running your fingers all over her body! After kissing the rest of her body, you can focus on her breasts. Start from the outside and move in a spiral. The nipplesare your last stop! Don’t they say to save the best for last?

5. Move downstairs!

Moving down to her belly, you continue turning up the heat, and her orgasm will start to build. Feel free to kiss every inch of her skin! Slip your tongue under the waistline of her pants and move towards the off-limits area while increasing the pace of your breathing. Do not stay down there too long – you just want to ratchet up her desire. Return to her mouth and kiss her again while removing her pants (or skirt, or whatever she is wearing). Careful again at this point – leave her underwear where they are!

Using the same tactics as before, move up one leg, slowly kissing her skin as you move upwards. When you reach the clitoris, breathe heavily so she can feel the heat  through the fabric of her underwear. Do the same thing to the other leg. Your partner will enjoy every moment of this foreplay, believe me! The next time you get close to ground zero, there is a good chance that she’ll be begging you to take off her panties!

6 It’s time to give her an orgasm!

If you strictly follow the instructions provided in this article, your partner should now be very turned on, and on the edge of an orgasm.  All that remains is stimulating her clitoris and giving her exactly what she wants.

Personally, I like to alternate between fingers and tongue, but it’s up to you. In any case, certainly don’t stop the stimulation before you feel her whole body shudder, to make sure that she has an amazing orgasm.

Mission accomplished! You have given her the greatest pleasure you can give, and your sex promises to be hot! The amazing thing about women is that they can have multiple orgasms, and you’ll know when you’ve been able to satisfy her!

Get ready for the bed to rock! Now it’s your turn to enjoy!

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