Foreplay: How To Master the Art of Female Satisfaction

female satisfaction tips

While some see this as a chore, foreplay is a very important step in sexual encounters. Your partner needs it to be able to achieve orgasm. I think we’re all in agreement, we her to enjoy herself as well, right? Today’s focus is going to be giving you some tips to start your lovemaking right.  Start by turning up the heat, and she’ll be screaming with pleasure before too long!

I’ll start with a little fact that some may not like, but which is nevertheless true: the more time you put into undressing your partner, the longer you wait before touching her main erogenous zone, and then the more time you take before penetration, the more you increase her chances of having an orgasm. Yes, women need to “be primed” before the pleasure can begin… Unlike us, who only need an erection to get the show started.

But guess what, guys? Your best tool to give pleasure to a woman is not your penis, but your ability to anticipate her needs! Women love to be excited before the real fun begins… So if you want to set the scene for the hottest night of her life, you had better follow these tips!

1. Play kissy face

Yes I know, this might bring you back to high school make out sessions.  Well, it was fun then, and it’s still fun now. When you’re just getting started, kiss your partner gently in many different places: her neck, earlobes, mouth, cheeks…

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