[Interview] How To Get Your Ex Back

I am the happiest man on Earth.

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Kamal from seductionbykamal.com. He’s agreed to answer my questions about methods of getting your ex back. This man is my idol. I’m delighted he’s offered to distill his advice here. Kamal is effective … and modest, which is VERY rare in this field. If I were in his place, and I had even 10% of his skill at seduction, I wouldn’t be modest at all!

Note from Kamal: woah! Antoine’s introduction is making me blush LOL

get your EX backAntoine : In your coaching, do you frequently run across students who are trying to get their ex back?

Kamal from seductionbyKamal.com: Since we first started Net Coaching on seductionbykamal.com, a lot of my clients have wanted to get their exes back. The most interesting cases are the most complicated cases, like divorced men who want to get their wives back.

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