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The 7 Deadly Mistakes You Make With Women

The 9 Secrets of Highly Attractive Men

I have just finished writing a book that has distilled the lessons I have drawn from a decade of experience as a top dating coach on three continents, and from working with hundreds of clients into 9 simple secrets that mark attractive men.

It is called “The 9 Secrets of Attractive Men”


I want to welcome you to my world…

What does that mean, you ask? For starters, it’s the whole VIP experience. Partying at Warsaw’s most elite nightclubs. Meeting beautiful women. Dining with the stars. And, yes, being pampered every step of the way. After reading the feedback of hundreds of clients, I stand by this promise: this weekend will blow you away. You will have more fun than your previous 52 weekends combined. In this video, I show you how we can work together:

It is called “The 9 Secrets of Attractive Men”