Radio Silence To Get Your Ex Back: Here is How to Do it !

radio silence

Radio silence is a technique people often use to get back their ex.

If you’re here, you’re obviously looking for a way to get your ex back. You think you’ve tried everything: you’ve bombarded him with messages, excuses, loving words, promises…. And nothing. No sign from him, or simply a refusal to see or speak to you again.

This is where radio silence comes in. We could call it radio ex silence, since it will let you get your ex back. But radio silence is more than just a name; it’s something that has to be done according to certain conditions. Since we’re talking about radio silence after a breakup, you have to understand and accept the breakup in order for this technique to actually work.

Post-breakup radio silence

Radio silence after a breakup has to be done in a careful way. Post-breakup radio silence means taking some distance from your ex in order to come back to him. The idea is to make your ex miss you. This can reawaken his feelings for you and make him want to come back into your arms.

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