The Four Agreements: Everything You Should Know

Listed in a book of the same name, The Four Agreements are rules for life that will help you find freedom, happiness, and love.

A lot’s been said about this bestseller, overall more or less in its favor. Written by Mexican writer and speaker Miguel Angel Ruiz, The Four Agreements was published in the US in 1997, and then in other countries in the years that followed. At only around a hundred pages, it’s a quick read. But this “little” book has sold millions of copies around the world.

What are The Four Agreements?

As their name implies, the Four Agreements are agreements – but what about? Author Miguel Ruiz suggests making these agreements with yourself, which will help you avoid any situation involving suffering, and see reality for what it really is. He denounces the way children are raised and conditioned: to know what is good and not good, what is true or false, what is beautiful or ugly, etc. He also denounces personal thoughts that give you a false image of yourself and of the world in general.

Ultimately, none of this is new. In fact, you’ll find a lot of Ruiz’s ideas in cognitive behavior therapy, which helps you see the traps you set for yourself by either not taking enough distance or by making generalizations.

So, if what Miguel Ruiz writes in The Four Agreements isn’t anything new, why has the book become an international success? For a very simple reason: The author knows how to use relatively easy vocabulary, as well as concrete examples. This means that the book isn’t just for people with a knowledge of psychology or counseling; it’s accessible and understandable to everyone. The author uses himself as an example to show that if he can make these Four Agreements with himself, anyone can.

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