Two Big Mistakes You Make On Facebook… Which Make You Look Dumb.

dumbThrough this article, I really want to say something that almost devastates me, and that I hope people will get rid of once and for all!

Several men, whether in real life or on facebook, do many mistakes that make them look like REALLY pathetic men…

This week, I attended 3 events (3 mistakes in fact) on MY own friend’s list. I’m going to share what happened, share my reflexions and advice, and hope that you never make these 3 stupid mistakes that, I repeat, make you look like someone incredibly pathetic.

 Mistake # 1: Giving your girlfriend the password

This is the story of a friend, who, probably for the first time in his entire life, had a girlfriend.

I started by noting the statuses that he would post.

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  1. Hey do you know any bligs like this that are for girls; i have a lady friend that spoke to me the other day about finding a blog or something to read once in a a while that helps her dating skills and what not. Thanks.


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