How To Be a REAL Man?

how to be real menThis question, though it might seem overdone, is still relevant.  What do we mean when we talk about “a “real” man?  What do you expect to see in an article with a title like that?

So many questions come to mind when I start to think about this topic.  As you might expect, we will touch on psychology and personal development, and we will ask ourselves the fundamental question:  Who are we?  And, above all, who do we want to be?

You’re obviously interested in the topic of seduction – otherwise you wouldn’t be on SBK right now!   You’ve probably realized over time that being a player is more a state of mind or a way of seeing things, rather than a set of rules ortechniques.

This will obviously influence our explanation of what it means to be a “real” man.  So what do we man by that?


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