How To Stop Masturbation… NOW!

masturbationBecause… masturbation kills seduction.

Today, I’m not going to write about seduction, but about sex education. I’m not going to mention weird positions, I’m not going to recommend condom brands, and I’m not going to teach you how to make love (or to make a drawing of how to do that)

I want to talk about an issue that is pretty serious which could affect a man’s lifestyle: masturbation.

You see, I’ll start right away by breaking the ice and tell you clearly and simply that we’ve all masturbated at least once. Everyone does that and everyone will keep doing that. And this is when the dangers of masturbation come.

When you’re 14, masturbating is a normal thing, even when done several times. At 14, people discover their sexuality, and we test our machine, we explore our body. There’s nothing wrong about that.   But if you’re over 22 years old, and that you still masturbate when you take a shower, while fantasizing about you next-door neighbor, then, if you allow me, there’s something wrong with you.

15 thoughts on “How To Stop Masturbation… NOW!”

  1. Hey thanks for this article.

    I’m 24.
    I have no girlfriend.
    but I’m masturbating. I’m not addicted. but I do it like twice a week. I hated man. Is killing me of guilt because I’m a Christian man who is supposed to go into Christian work…man bro it sucks.

  2. thanks for this article
    im 21

    im addicted to mastbating, nd i hav girl frnd but i cant spend my time with her in fact she wont allow me to kiss her also. so i do this blow job.
    give me an idea i want to quit this.

  3. Ya I’m young and honestly I shouldn’t be on here but if you jerk off constantly. You’ll ,eventually, lose the drive. Although it can be only temporarily. And, again I should be on here but I did find this article to be interesting and I’m going to follow it, hopefully, so thanks for posting Kamal.

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  5. Indeed I have beeing doing so 4 a long time trying many means but one thing special here is that am not alone in such i would apply ur methods thanks alot

  6. Am 29, and I’ve been masturbating for 14 yrs. Not strait but my maximum break was just for 4months. I really want to stop. I dnt have a girlfriend, infact thought what’s d need for one when I can simply help my self. But like Kamal said : there is sometin wrong with me. So I want to decide to stop, pray God helps me.

  7. Stop masturbating nd be busy in ur day u’ll get sme sperms for birth of babies..

  8. i m 22 years old boy, i don’t have a girlfriend,and even there is no chance, usually i do it when i am feeling very loanlly, i have no job and that make me angry, i can’t do anything so i take reveng from my own self.

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