Being a Ladies’ Man, Myth or Reality?

Ladies-manThere are tons of websites that “specialize in pick up lines and seduction” these days, but people tend not to really know how to use them and can’t see the difference between what’s good for them –as well as the investments that go with such techniques- what part is more related to business and marketing, such websites will probably not give you advice that will go against their goals (which is to take your money).

Because at SBK we share all our information for free (except when you hire a coach of course), this article will give you a glimpse at what reality is.

Knowing yourself is a must.  

Said like this, it could look weird, but the biggest problem with men these days is a psychological problem, as men should learn how to listen to their needs, set goals, and plan their future based on ambition and willingness to discover new things.

Don’t expect to live a decent life if you listen to those sites that recommend that you listen to weird songs, wear a shirt and pants most of the time, read Nietzsche and brag about Paulo Coelho… this is ridiculous, and it’s not even close to you. All you do is act like a different person, and guess what: you’re horrible actors, people don’t want to be anywhere near you, and though you may have something that looks like a very interesting social circle, it’s all just an illusion and a waste of time (a waste of life?).

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