How To Wear Jeans

A good pair of jeans should have a cut that outlines your legs and behind, and should fall well on your shoes.  Then, you can allow yourself jeans that are not ordinary, with different cuts, and we should say that they’re plenty of them.

Jeans, The Cuts

Tight jeans: it is tight at the level of your thighs and ankles, and should not be worn if you are overweight. However, it will make you look thinner if you are small. It is thus strongly recommended for people who have average height and weight.

Boot cut jeans: it makes you look bigger, and should be avoided if you are small. Boot cut jeans are strongly recommended if you wear boots or other types of high shoes.

-Straight jeans: It is the most common of all jeans. It is rather thin at the thigh level, and goes straight down to your knees (you should understand that it does not erase, and that it becomes straighter.

Jeans, The Colors

You can do whatever you want, and look ridiculous if you want (for example by wearing a pink slim from Dior), but I would recommend dark jeans, and two colors: blue, dark clue and black. You can have a look on Google to better understand the nuances. The best color: coated jeans. They can easily be recognized, and their aspect is rather brilliant (in satin), and when touching it, it looks like coated paint.

How to wear jeans?

Just like for any fundamental clothing, jeans should perfectly match your size: it should be thin at the thigh level, no matter what type of jeans it may be. The Jean’s break should always be at the thigh level; otherwise it means that jeans are too long. Moreover, if there is no break, your jeans will be too short (but you should easily notice that). TO confirm whether your jeans are large or not, try taking them when you are up on your feet, if you can’t take more than a few millimeters on your fingers, it means that it fits your size. On the other hand, if you don’t fit in, don’t try to understand: it is probably way too small.

Taking care of jeans

The best would be to wait six months before you wash your jeans for the first time. No! Don’t be shocked. Indeed, when you buy your jeans, it is no more and no less than a piece of thread. The more you wait before you wash it, the more it will get used to your body (notably at the level of the thighs).

Then, you should wash it once every two months, and no more than that. Meanwhile, you should put air in it on a regular basis on put it one a hanger with claws: never fold it in your drawers, and take off the invisible stains with a brush, the brush can be humid if necessary.

Why that? Because when you will wash your jeans, it will lose its color and will become dry. I would also advise you to prefer washing it by hand, as your jeans will suffer less. The average lifespan of a pair of jeans, if washed in a washing machine once a week is a maximum of 6 months. I don’t know if I would be sadistic enough to try the experience with 500 Euro Cavalli jeans, but if you’ve had the experience, send me an email.

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