How To Wear Shoes

Do you still wear the shoes that you bought in middle school? This part should help you choose a pair of shoes that you need.

 Types of shoes

We mainly distinguish two types of shoes, classic shoes and sneakers (also called weekend shoes), and both shoes have different uses. Therefore, both can be worn with jeans, but we will tend to avoid sneakers with a suit (which is obvious). Classic shoes as well as sneakers can be worn during the day and during nights out, depending on what you’re wearing. That will determine what type of shoes you will be wearing.

Shoes choice: form and color

 Giving general advice on shoes is difficult.

Fashion really decides what should be worn and what no longer should be worn. You can still rest reassured that if you orient yourself towards the big brands, it is the category in which we see the least surrealistic things.  For your safety, try getting advice from history forums and to get some advice.

How to wear your shoes? You should choose shoes that fit, and it would not be a miracle, as it is probably the only thing that your were taught properly how to do during your childhood.

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