How Does Seduction Work When You’re in a Relationship

You’re so beautiful when you’re angry!

I’m crazy about her… Remember that? At the start of your love relationship, there was magic in the air. When you held hands it seemed like they were charged with electricity, and you couldn’t stop smiling. And you, great seducer, you made her shiver!

Time, for some, increases harmony in their relationship, but for others, maybe for you? a “vacuum” has appeared, and is now comfortably installed between you. You let things go, you avoid asking too many questions, communication is brief, sometimes impulsive, even if your feelings for your Princess are still just as strong, it seems like you’re facing the ravages of time. You seem to be swimming against the tide. You have the feeling it would be better to talk to each other, but the fear of giving an image contrary to your seductive side keeps you in your rut…

A woman told me one day she was unhappy in her relationship. I asked her if she often quarreled with her companion. She replied: “Unfortunately, we never argue. We have absolutely nothing to say to each other.”

A couple that avoids confrontations is living an existence of mutilated possibilities, a life that is certainly tranquil, but without direction, that is to say without dynamic evolution. If domestic disputes are well managed, they lead everyone to take responsibility, and to make a healthy examination of their values and motivations.

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