Overcoming a Betrayal

overcoming a betrayal

Here’s a thorny issue that drives debate, provokes reflection, and necessarily generates increasingly challenging feelings. In matters of love, betrayal is one of the worst things there is, that’s for sure.

Often related to being cheated on and,you might say, of being taken for a fool, a situation of betrayal necessarily provokes many questions.

Should I forgive her? Let bygones be bygones? Break up? So many questions come to mind… today’s article won’t give you a magic solution, since everything depends on you and on your particular relationship, but it will try to offer some guidance and give you the tools you need to make an objective decision.

1 Betrayal is a personal attack

The image of your girlfriend sleeping with your best friend, or thinking back to all the lies we’ve been toldis a difficult, even disgusting, task.  But even worse is the injury to your ego.

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