The Fast and Effective Technique for Getting Her Number (and Her Facebook !)

Now that you know how to carry on a pleasant conversation with a woman, who’ll you’ll be able to approach * without any problems, I hope *, it’s essential to continue your conversation over a warm cappuccino, so you and your beautiful new friend can get to know each other better.

To accomplish this, two solutions are available to you.

Either you offer her a date right on the spot, or you tell her you’d like to have a quick cup of coffee, and she’s welcome it she wants to accompany you, just for a quick little coffee, 10 minutes and no longer, although that isn’t true of course :). In any case, I’ll come back to this subject in a future article on “instant dates.”

Or of course, there’s the classic solution, getting her number, calling her and scheduling a date with her.

But you know, a seduction artist who respects himself doesn’t get a number like the all the others, he has his own method, which I’ll give you ;)

Just before I begin, I’ll warn you, we’re going to use some very soft psychology of persuasion in order to maximize every opportunity to leave with her number, and to avoid getting stuck talking to her damned answering machine.

But first let me tell you something …

A phone number is just a number, a series of numbers.

Instead of focusing your attention on collecting (often false) numbers, it’s actually more important to work on your seduction and your LifeStyle.

Now let’s look at how to get her little number in the most seductive possible way.

A phone number isn’t the inevitable outcome of an encounter, I really prefer to have a conversation with a woman and get to know her during the first few minutes of our interaction, and if she’s not really interesting, I’m ROYALLY unconcerned with the damn number, it’s a waste of time.

Why do I say that ?

I won’t hide it from you… Before, when I found myself standing in front of a girl talking to her, I didn’t even listen to her, and I concentrated on JUST one goal: how to get her number.

Obviously I was an exceptional collector of wrong numbers :)

But not anymore …

When you’re talking to a beautiful stranger, try to find out what she’s really like, try to explore her true personality and see whether you’re interested in HER… Believe me, the number will come all by itself…


And now, here’s the big trick!

I end the conversation with my cute new friend FIRST. I tell her that my friends are waiting for me somewhere (any excuse will do, even that your goldfish are hungry). I let her know that I had a good time with her, I thank her, and I leave… WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANYTHING.


I turn and pretend to be leaving for good and then… I turn back and said to her:

“Actually, I think you’re a pretty interesting girl, we really ought to continue our conversation over a little coffee… Are you on Facebook?

Unless she’s an australopithecine or a zinjanthropus or whatever, she’ll say yes.

At that point, I pull out my little seduction notebook, and ask her to write her address…

And just when she’s about to finish, I ask her:

“Oh hey, also write your phone number next to it, with any luck, I might be calling you.”

In the psychology of persuasion, it’s called the principle of commitment. In fact, when a human being engages in an action, it’s very difficult to take a step back under social pressure (for more information, read my article on the principle of consistency and commitment, in Influence and Persuasion)

It will therefore be very difficult for her to refuse, she’s already caught in the trap :)

Simple, fast and efficient!

Your friend,



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