How To React To Criticism

react to critismWhether challenges, insults, or just joking comments, we are often – and naturally – faced with criticism. In any social interaction, each person is looking for personal affirmation, and this often leads to confrontation. Due to emotions and/or guilt, it is often difficult to respond with respect and openness.

Though criticism can hurt, it also provides an exciting platform to demonstrate resilience and charisma. But how can we be sure to act this way? How can we control our emotions and make the most of what is often seen as a personal attack? That’s the focus of today’s article.

Many readers wonder what psychological characteristics and abilities are needed to truly adopt an Alpha male posture. Learning to deal with criticism is one of the first steps in developing self-confidence. If you’ve got a hot temper, do yourself a favor and read this article!

Know how to take criticism at face value

As the target of a personal judgment, individuals often adopt a defensive attitude when faced with antagonism. Excuses and aggression are shields, walls built between yourself and the enemy.

Usually, criticism is equated with a desire to hurt or demean someone. However, it can also be constructive.  The way it’s worded can help us see the speaker’s intention, but there is always a possibility of finding an opportunity for growth.

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