Learning the Game with a goal in mind…

Let’s face it, moving from a frustrated masturbator to an alpha male, enjoying robust sex life is not easy.

If you spend a lot of the time watching porn and trying to shoot jism away from the keyboard, you’ll encounter couple challenges on your way to the amazing life. You will, it’s inevitable. Some of it can be hard, ego-crushing and despair producing.

It will be very easy to convince yourself that it’s not worth it, that you enjoy your WoW-filled life. ‘It’s SO MUCH smarter to work a bit harder, get that promotion in your corporation!’ You’ll get a wife and will never have to worry about the women-problem! It’s very easy to convince yourself that going out and putting your ego on the line is not necessary, that it’s a waste of time. It’s so easy to forget that learning how to interact with people, growing confidence can DRAMATICALLY change your whole life for the better.

You need to prepare yourself for the hardships ahead of the time. You need to put all the drama in perspective. In short: you need a goal, my friend!

Looking back

One of my favourite novelists, short-listed for Nobel Prize in Literature, Witold Gombrowicz, wrote in his diaries about a party he’s been to where he became a laughing stock of the whole crowd, because of a review in a newspaper that made fun of his latest short story. He was very young and unknown at the time and he writes, that it completely crushed him. „I didn’t know where to hide”, he was horrified. Yet, looking back at it, he writes: „How unimportant it seems today! Looking at it, ex post, it seems just a little story of legendary beginnings of a well-established writer. (…) Poor little boy! Why wasn’t I there with you, to protect you and support you, why couldn’t I appear, and show you the future success??’

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