Right Frame, Right Perspective

I wrote last time about the creating a vision for ourselves to put the hardships of learning game into perspective. I got a number of e-mails asking me to elaborate on the concept. Some people wondered if having a great goal is enough to make rejection, fear of leaving the comfort zone etc. bearable enough. I realized, I haven’t shared everything. There’s more you can do to change the unpleasant, to acceptable or even… fun.

Those who succeed

For 5 years now, I’m involved in one way or another in the Polish seduction community. I’ve met hundreds (thousands, probably) of guys, who started as socially awkward, fearful in general sucking completely with women and… I’ve seen them change. Some of them drastically, some just barely. And some didn’t really change at all and run away in terror, crushed by early failure and pain of rejection. Time after time, I was trying to figure out what makes the difference, which are the factors that would make it possible for me to predict who’s gonna succeed and who’ll fail. And! More importantly, I wanted to invent a way to make everyone be able to achieve desired results.

It took me some time, but I believe I found out. The answer is: attitude towards rejection. Cause, rejection will come. There’s no magic pill that will ever make you irresistible.

Perspective, mofo!

It’s all about the meaning we assign to our experiences. It’s what the Fiona Apple’s song about:

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