How To Use Sexual Tension to Get Immediate Results

use sexual tensionSexual tension is the best seduction tool there is. If you know how to create it, the women around you won’t be able to think about anything other than taking the next step with you – on a physical level.  Though I’ve already talked about this topic many times on my “sexuality” column, today I want to focus more specifically on how to develop sexual tension and establish your player persona.  It’s not very complicated, but the results are impressive!

So, here are some tips to create a sexual tension so thick that you could cut it with a knife!

1. Sexual tension has to be natural

A lot of guys think they can turn a situation sexual even if they are not physically turned on themselves. The concern is that this kind of practice can turn against you, giving your partner the impression that you are trying to manipulate her, to push for action when the situation hasn’t gotten to that point.

If you want to create the perfect conditions for development of sexual tension, you have to be in the proper state of mind to be able to send the right message and not scare your partner off with your first physical contact.

Uncertainty and anticipation are central to this process, and if you can’t call up these feelings in yourself, there is little chance that the girl you’re trying to seduce is going to jump on you and demand that you make wild love to her. You must be able to anticipate the situation and feel the possibility (or lack thereof) for sexual tension before attempting this kind of approach. Otherwise, it’s doomed to failure.

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