How To Find Your Partner’s G Spot

As everyone knows, the G-spot is the Holy Grail of female stimulation and pleasure. If you can find it – and give it the attention is deserves – she’ll remember you as the best lover she’s ever had!

Some think the G-spot is nothing more than an urban legend – that it doesn’t exist or can’t be found. Well, dear readers, forget about what people say – today I’ve decided to help you find the famous G-spot, so that you can heat things up in bed and make her scream your name!

The funny thing is that many women do not even know where the G-spot is! Don’t share this knowledge with your partner – keep it a mystery, and she’ll think of you as a sex god with magical powers! Okay, enough beating around the bush, it’s time to go in search of the key to happiness!

how to find G spot

What is the G spot?

You can think of the G spot as a small collection ​​of nerve endings located inside a woman’s vagina. Similar to those present in the clitoris, these nerve endings play an important role in female sexual pleasure and stimulation, and allow women to achieve multiple orgasms.

Its importance is significant because most of the vaginal wall is devoid of nerve endings, which is why women don’t feel anything when wearing a tampon.

By finding and correctly stimulating your partner’s G-spot, you’ll help her achieve incomparable internal orgasmic peaks. This is a great solution if you want to have a little fun and change it up from the traditional clitoral orgasm.

How to find the G-spot?

Contrary to popular belief, finding the G-spot is not that difficult. It lies within the vagina, on the front wall, just behind the pubic bone. To feel it, you simply insert one or two fingers into your partner’s vagina with the palm of your hand facing you.

The G-spot is a just about one finger’s length from the vaginal opening. Once you insert your finger(s), move along the pubic bone internally until you find what should feel like a small sponge-y area (like a small bump or pimple). The rest of the vagina is soft and flat, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify the G spot.

If your partner is already turned on, the G spot should be somewhat enlarged and even easier to identify. Those who claim that they have never found it have probably tried to do so while their partner wasn’t turned on and ready for action. In this case, it is true that the G spot is less swollen and is harder to find.

So make sure that your partner is already wet and ready to go, or at least in the mood.

To do this, all you have to do is kiss her, while playing with her ​​breasts and her clitoris, before embarking on your “G spot expedition!”

In any case, if you regularly read my column, you already have lots of tips to turn on your partner! Especially re-read the article on foreplay if you want her to have a literally unforgettable night!

G spot orgasms?

Again, forget all the rumors and “hearsay” on the subject. You trust the SBK team, right? Good! Back to the topic, or to the point, I might say! To stimulate the G-spot, there’s no need to have a mile-long penis or the hands of an NBA player!

Once located as described above (by moving your fingers along your lover’s vaginal wall) gently apply pressure and repeatedly bring your fingers toward yourself. Think of it as gesturing someone “come here,” if you want. You can also lightly tap or slide your finger laterally (side to side) to vary the sensations and thereby increase the enjoyment.

The tip of the day, if you want to pleasure your partner, is to combine these movements with a more classic clitoral stimulation (with the other hand, or even with your tongue – give her all you’ve got!)

In a few minutes your partner should be screaming your name and digging her fingernails into your back!

So does finding the G soot sound too complicated? I don’t think so! Why didn’t you try this before? Who knows! In any case, now you’re ready to join the bedroom hall of fame! This is one of the best ways to bring a woman to multiple orgasms, and togive her the most memorable night ever. We’re glad to be of service!

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