How To Make a Woman Orgasm Every Time

This is often a man’s number one goal in bed. In any case, it’s a major goal: he thinks that if he can make his partner come during sex, she’ll place him on a pedestal and think of him as the best lay of her life! That’s not totally false – women love orgasms and I won’t even try to say otherwise! Still, you’ve got to get away from the idea that penetration is the best tactic. Why? Because this isn’t actually the greatest source of feminine pleasure!

make woman orgasm

Don’t worry, bringing a woman to orgasm through intercourse is indeed possible. But, guys, you’ve got to work for it, and pay attention to some other important parts before even thinking about sex. I know I’ve already talked to you about the female orgasm – and even given some advice in the article on foreplay (because, hey, the best way to start off a hot evening is with a steamy build-up.)

But today, we’ll focus on the practical side, by trying to give you some tips and tricks – after all, knowledge is power!

Female Masturbation : here is everything you need to know!

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