3 Seduction Techniques for Beginners

SBK gives a lot of effective techniques that enable you to develop, and to improve your game of seduction. But when we are beginners, it’s very difficult to distinguish between essential information and techniques that demand a more advanced level. The risk is that you may want to use all of them, mix all of them, and make lots of mistakes.

When I discovered SBK, I realized that I had information that I could use to be more successful with women and to go past the AFC stage. But here’s the thing:  by trying to use lots of techniques, when I was in fact just a beginner, I got mixed up and the result was still the same, especially given that I did not master the techniques. But that’s a different story.

It was really frustrating, as I knew that I was close to success. But I realized that I had too much information, and that too much information can kill the seduction game. Let me introduce the 3 points that I will mention in this article:

  • Courage
  • disqualification
  • Kino Escalation

If you master these three points, you will have a classical l seduction game but a fairly good one that will enable you to be effective. For un-consideration and kinesthetics, I will not explain the technique (Kamal already did that, but I will explain why it’s important.

Here we go!

Seduction technique for a beginner number 1: Courage

The most important point of the article, because if you don’t have enough courage, you will never be able to master disqualification  or kinesthetics. Most beginners try to find excuses not to try these techniques, like “but I’m sure it won’t work”. The stupid thing is that how can we know whether a technique works or not without trying it out. This excuse shows the lack of courage.

Let me be honest, I did this myself (the question would be who never did it?). But after a while I thought I had nothing to lose, so I got started because I was in despair more than anything else. Of course at the beginning it did not work out (seduction is not magic) and it is normal because I lacked practice, but that’s a different topic.

But courage in the end did enable me to use SBK techniques, and to improve myself. Without a little courage, you cannot improve. But stay reassured, it is of course possible to work on that point (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing an article right now!). Do you have trouble talking to women or simply to people? What I would recommend is that you should approach them with the only goal of getting to know each other. If you have trouble doing that, force yourself to.

Think about the fact that you’ve got nothing to lose and that no one will eat you in the end. Then, do the same thing with women, just to get to know them. Once you’re comfortable getting to know women, you can start seducing them.

Keep in mind that you should take the pressure off your shoulders, because that’s what’s destabilizing you and presenting you to use your courage (everyone has courage; all you need is to work on it). You should work on your courage, be bold!! It very important for what follows.

Seduction technique for beginners number 2: disqualification

This is one of the techniques that will prevent you from traveling into the Friend Zone, so please this is very important. I hope that you know that you should not show interest too soon? If that’s not the case you just learned something today…

Nah just kidding you will learn plenty of things. Seriously, you should not show that you’re interested too soon, otherwise you will look like an average guy, a guy who’s not interesting (and a psychopath if you tell her “I love you”)

So don’t do that!! Then, if you don’t do anything (I mean by this that you remain neutral towards the girl) then say hi to the Friend Zone. Why? Simple, if you stay neutral, your target will consider you as a friend because you haven’t shown your interest or your disinterest.

Kamal calls this “seducer’s hell”. You will not go to hell right? So here’s what’s going to prevent you from doing so: disqualification.

As I said in the introduction, I will not explain the technique (read Kamal’s article for that) but its importance for the game. In sum, you disqualify a girl when you show her that you’re not interested (thus the importance of courage). And how does this seduce a girl? By showing your disinterest, you make her believe that you don’t find her interesting. Because interesting people seduce. So don’t hesitate to use the disqualification technique, one of seduction’s most effective techniques, but use it well.

Seduction technique for beginners number 3: Kino Escalation

Kinesthetics is the art of touching women. It is also a very important technique, if not an indispensable technique. It enables you to elevate the level of flirt, but also to prevent the girl from putting you in the Friend Zone.

By elevating the level of flirt, your target will not consider you as a friend, because a friend does not flirt with a friend (usually). Especially if she does not consider you as man she’s got nothing to fear from.

She should fear your seduction power, and kinesthetics will allow that. A lot of beginners think that this technique does not work, and that only perverts do that (yet another excuse). Well women do like it when you touch them, as women are sensitive to touching.

Virtually no man uses kinesthetics, as we are not conscious about its importance and its seduction power. Of course, as I said, kinesthetics is an art and a way to proceed (refer to Kamal’s article on that topic)

By using Kino escalation, your target will realize that she trust you, and that you dare to, or have the courage  to (you see its importance right? Everything comes from courage). Of course few men use kinesthetics, which makes you different and interesting to her. Dare to touch women!

Let me assure you, they will not break into pieces if you touch them. Practice kinesthetics, and as soon as you have the opportunity, use it, even subtly, you need to touch women!

I hope you liked this article, either way I enjoy writing articles, so thanks Kamal for giving me this opportunity.

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