3 Seduction Techniques for Beginners

SBK gives a lot of effective techniques that enable you to develop, and to improve your game of seduction. But when we are beginners, it’s very difficult to distinguish between essential information and techniques that demand a more advanced level. The risk is that you may want to use all of them, mix all of them, and make lots of mistakes.

When I discovered SBK, I realized that I had information that I could use to be more successful with women and to go past the AFC stage. But here’s the thing:  by trying to use lots of techniques, when I was in fact just a beginner, I got mixed up and the result was still the same, especially given that I did not master the techniques. But that’s a different story.

It was really frustrating, as I knew that I was close to success. But I realized that I had too much information, and that too much information can kill the seduction game. Let me introduce the 3 points that I will mention in this article:

  • Courage
  • disqualification
  • Kino Escalation

If you master these three points, you will have a classical l seduction game but a fairly good one that will enable you to be effective. For un-consideration and kinesthetics, I will not explain the technique (Kamal already did that, but I will explain why it’s important.

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