Ladies, here’s everything you need to know about female masturbation


You hear a lot – and often – about male masturbation. But female masturbation is just as beneficial and enjoyable. Still, you have to learn about it and, above all try, it, in order to really understand its benefits.

Solitary pleasure has numerous positive effects for men, just as it does for women, but in this case, we’re going to focus on the female orgasm.

The time when masturbation was seen as a bad thing has passed and a woman who masturbates has a good reason to do so. And yet, the subject is still, unfortunately, taboo. So, if you’re reading this, my dear, I congratulate you for taking an interest, and I welcome you. Get ready to discover or intensify your sexual experiences on your own – or even with your partner.

Why is female masturbation beneficial?

Let’s look at why female masturbation is beneficial. First, it lets you have some one-on-one time with yourself. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. You need time for yourself. A woman who masturbates is able to discover her body – its most sensitive areas and what makes her feel the most pleasure.

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